May. 7th, 2010 04:40 pm
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Finally got my phone up and running. T-Mobile fucking rocks. Same plan I was wanting with AT&T, it actually works with my phone, no ridiculous deposit (actually none at all), and for LESS than what AT&T was charging for their shitball prepaid service.

Only downside is that it's going to take about 24 hours for my number to get ported over from AT&T, so I'm trying to be patient. Patience has never really been my strong suit though. :p


Apr. 16th, 2008 03:17 pm
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Just finished up my second interview, and looks like I'm going to be starting my training on Monday. *grins*

Now unless the bank calls me back with a better offer, I'm going to stick with this. Like I said before, I really like the freedom of this job. It's not an easy job, but y'all know me. I just can't resist a challenge. It's kind of scary, jumping into something like this feet first. But I find that lately, I'm getting braver all the time. :)

And a little something from one of my stalkers. )
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I got twitchy waiting for Chris to get in touch with the guy. I talked to the guy that owns the townhouse I was wanting to rent, and went ahead and made arrangements to secure the place. It's really the best deal I could hope for. I'm so excited! *bounces around*

I also got a U-haul trailer reserved for the 30th. I just need to go over there a day or two ahead of time and get a hitch installed on the Jeep. Now my big concern will just be getting everything packed up and wrangle some people together to help me with the big stuff the day of my departure. That may be a bit tricky for a Wednesday, but I should be able to get a few people together. I've got a party planned for Friday at The Shed, and everyone's supposed to be there. I'm sure I can convince a couple of the guys to come help me out then.

I talked to the kids last night, and I thought they were going to explode with squee. Joey was like "Three weeks! That's like a million years away!" Once I put it in perspective for her, she was a lot happier, though.

Funniest thing about all this is that I sent out my email to the rest of the work crew announcing my departure, and they were all like "Can we just get rid of Benny and keep Dee?"

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Athena, I got the books. Thank you so much!

Katy, I got the card. I love those newsletters. Always such a nice, personal touch. :)


Nov. 29th, 2007 07:54 pm
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For some inexplicable reason, I decided to go to Wal-Mart after work. I'd figured out what I'm getting my brother for Christmas, so I wanted to grab it. I nearly had a fit when I saw a stack of Rock Band boxes in the middle of the floor in front of Electronics, but then I was disappointed when I saw they were all for the 360. *pouts* Can't find a set for PS3 anywhere, not the full set with all the instruments, anyway. I'll probably have to wait until after the new year to get it.

Anyway, I always breeze by the Blu-Ray stuff out of habit, and lo and behold: I got Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End nearly a week before it's supposed to be released (Dec. 4th).

*happy dance*
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I got my package today, it's all totally killer! I loooooove those little chests. I might have to keep them for myself. :p


Jun. 20th, 2007 09:13 am
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A while back I came up with a rose and shield design for [livejournal.com profile] wandereringray. If you saw this video on YouTube I made, that's what I'm sketching there at the end. Once I tossed it into Photoshop, I went a little crazy and ended up with this:

Pics below cut )


Jun. 8th, 2007 03:49 pm
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Paris is back in jail, and this time, she's gotta do the whole 45 days.


Fucking yes. I normally could care less about celebrity triviality, but that bitch irks me.

:D :D :D

May. 7th, 2007 09:58 pm
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Baton Rouge, here I come. :D
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The company took on three new projects, and has hired half a dozen new people. Most of them work outside the office, so initially, it didn't seem like anything new was going on. But one project is due to kick off on Monday, so obviously, that means all hell is breaking loose around here.

Benny took me, Ashley and Lisa (who is one of the new hires) out to dinner last night for Administrative Professionals day/week/whatever. I honestly didn't care one way or the other about it, and neither did Ashley. But Benny is too nice for his own good and was placing a giant guilt trip on himself for forgetting about it. So we went to Acme Oyster House last night and had a nice little dinner. Even though none of us got oysters. :p I've never cared for oysters, raw or cooked. They just look like snot to me. I've no interest in eating anything that looks like that.

Annette, I got your card last night, thank you! It was so cute. My mail is so weird. I swear I think they hold my mail for a couple of days, then deliver it. Because I'll go a day or two every once in a while with nothing, then one day the box will be full of stuff. *shrug* Long as I get it. I usually don't have anything that's in dire need of getting to me quickly. That's what FedEx is for anyway.

And CJ has agreed - first weekend in June, we're going to Kentucky to get the girls. *beams* I'm probably going to take the 4th - 8th off to spend time with them, or at least see if I can't do some stuff from home. We're able to access the server outside of the office - Benny does it a lot. I'll just see if he'll let me set up something like that for when I'm out, so that way I can still get some work done while I'm with the monkeys. And the day camp doesn't get started until June 18th, so I'll have to find a sitter for a couple of weeks. No biggie. I can't wait though. *bounces*
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I found out today that I'll be on the company payroll, and no longer with the temp agency, starting next pay period. And the nice raise doesn't hurt, either. *happy dance*

Now it's CJ's turn to play catch-up salary-wise. We've made a little competitive game out of it. Whoever makes more gets...nothing really. Just bragging rights. I just sent him a text message earlier that just said "$15 an hour - TAG YOU'RE IT!"

His response: "I think you just won forever O_O"
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I had hoped to have been able to see well enough to finish up a few things last night so that I could do an art post, but, well, that didn't happen. But my eyes weren't in pain this morning, so I came to work. I can't wear my contacts for the rest of the week, but at least I don't have scratchy burny itchy pain in my eyeballs. That's always a good thing.

It was nice to come back and see that Ashley had hung up a nice big bulletin board for me, right behind my desk. And there's plenty of room for me to make a collage. *big grin* Cause I like doing that. I don't plan them, they just sort of happen on their own.

Well, work calls. Must get back to it.
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Benny told me today that my time with the temp agency is over and I belong to them now. *laughs* So that's good. My paycheck gets padded up a little more, and I'll get some insurance going. It's good to know that all my scheming and plotting to fix things to where they'll never be able to keep things going without me actually worked. :p

And I made an appointment for Wednesday to get new glasses. I don't know if I'm going to stick with black frames, or go with something else. Either way, these old crappy ones are going bye-bye *points at icon*

About damn time really. I've had these things for almost eight years now. Sheesh.
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And again this morning. I made sure to let him know that I'm getting bored back here and I can handle much more than what I'm being given, so please to be giving me more work. He explained that he is wanting me to get more established with the company, and that more is coming.

And he was saying that once we get moved over to the new office (which is being built and all that right now) that I'll have a real office, and not just a desk in the kitchen. :p Which means that I am going to be here for good, since the move isn't happening until early March. So this is good. Very good. :)

I'm sure I'll have to keep poking him every so often, but it's a definite step in the right direction.


Dec. 30th, 2006 02:54 pm
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For those of you that either can't listen to voice posts, or couldn't understand my sleepy droning last night, my sister had her baby last night at 9:47 pm. His name is Aiden Joel Thompson, and he weighed 4 pounds and was 18 inches long.

Aiden is small, and he's in the NICU for the time being. However he's breathing fine on his own now, and came off the oxygen this morning. He was seven weeks early, so that's what the concern is. But he's improving by the hour, so I think everything's going to be just fine.

I was just glad I got to be here for her. She was a total champ in delivery. She only pushed for about 15 minutes, and the doctor was still getting her gear on when Beth told her "I'm having this baby RIGHT NOW!" and pushed three more times, and out he came. :D

Brady's mother and I were standing out of the way, and we heard the nurse say there was three cords, and we freaked. See, you all know I have twins. Well, Brady is one of a set of triplets. So...the worry was there, but thankfully there was just one of him. :p

I've got a family reunion going on in a couple of hours, and then Mom and I are going to go back up to the hospital to check on things. I'm driving back home tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get some good rest tonight.
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Gracie, I got the slippers! Thank you so much, I love them! *kittycat shuffle*

And Flaire, I got your card today too, thanks!

Shit, I think I might just like Christmas this year. Don't tell anyone. I have a bad reputation to protect. ;)
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Well, things at work went about the way I figured they would. I got there this morning, and when Paula hadn't shown up by 9:00, I knew she wasn't coming back. Weird thing is, she called me right before I went to lunch, and she sounded fairly cheerful, saying she was told Tuesday that her assignment was up. She's already got a new job starting next week, and she sounds happy about it, so that's good. I wasn't really expecting that kind of a call. Normally, I've dealt with people who get mightily pissed in that kind of situation.

I had my meeting with Suzanne and she told me that she's going to be turning over the entire imaging project to me. So once I'm all done with the file prepping, I'll start scanning and keeping up the reports on all that. And she said she'll throw in other little projects as they come along. Basically, as long as there are things there that she feels like I can do, she's going to keep me there as long as she can. I'm more than fine with that.

She said I've been doing a great excellent job, and praised me for sticking the project out. She told me that she'd had a couple of other people in before me, and they didn't last a week. And then there were the other temps that I worked with. Tomasita lasted about a month before she just stopped showing up. There was a woman named Sheila that lasted not even three days, and she was called off the assignment by Ultimate in the middle of the third day. My guess is she flunked the drug test, from the way she acted. And Paula was there for about three weeks. I don't know why no one else seemed to want to stick with it. Yeah, it's not an exciting job, but for the money, you can't beat it.

Other than all that, I've been pretty bored since I've been home. It's just a little after 9, and I'm already thinking about going to bed. Maybe I'll go have a nap and have CJ wake me up for a bit when he gets home. I should probably eat something, but that would involve a delivery person. Not that I don't appreciate delivery people, it's just I don't think I want to wait that long, and I don't feel like putting my clothes back on. Although this tank top and boxer-brief ensemble might score me some free grub. *ponders* Nope, sitll too lazy.


May. 12th, 2006 06:36 pm
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I got a call from my financial aid chick before I left work. I don't have to worry about paying a dime for school. Apparently I was brought up during some meeting (All the school officials were there), and they decided to give me a special grant to cover everything that my financial aid didn't cover. I was being left with a balance of nearly $23K, which would have to come from my own pocket, and obviously, I don't have.

So I went down and signed off on it today. Both Abigail (financial aid chick) and Summer (stalkery admissions chick) were there waiting for me, and they were squeeing over me. I was kind of in a goofy state of shocked, and I still am. I was told, though, that when I redo my FAFSA for next year, it could change a bit, so to be prepared, but that if I did have to make a tuition payment, it would be small (like less than $300). But, whenever they get my transcripts in (*grumbles* Slow-assed Kentucky.) I should qualify for a merit scholarship, which would further cover me. Basically, if you have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, you get it automatically. I had a 3.7. *beams*

This has to be one of the coolest things ever to happen to me. I can't stop grinning.
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That's right, for once, I am actually happy with life. I haven't checked my almanac today, but I'm pretty sure the universe is smiling down upon me today.

Get ready for this shit....it's a doozy )
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But I just have to say, if nothing else comes of it, this was one of the best days of my life. If I find the time tomorrow, I might elaborate, might not. But as for this moment, life is good.


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