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I celebrate Crunkmas. And Festivus. And Alcohol Appreciation Day, which most folks refer to as New Year's Eve. And PRESENTS. :D
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As I'm sure most other people will say, it boils down to money. It's difficult to tax the sale of something that anyone can grow on their own, and it's relatively easy to grow it nearly anywhere. I don't use it anymore, but I still think it should be legal. If you look at all the statistics and studies - look it up dammit, I've done it myself many times - it's far less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. For instance, if you drink too much die. Alcohol poisoning happens quite a bit. To ingest a lethal level of THC would require you to smoke literally pounds of pot in a single sitting. A chunk of decently potent weed the size of a nickel is more than enough to get you toasty stoned.

There's a lot more I could say on the subject, but instead, I'll just let Bill here explain it better than I ever could:

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Oh hell no. I listen to all kinds of stuff, and while some of it might be a little...eccentric, I'm not embarrassed by any of it. I like pop and rock and hip hop and showtunes and metal and a little bit of country and instrumental and a capella and opera and jazz and crazy-ass mash-ups. ESPECIALLY the crazy-ass mash-ups.

I listen to music that I like because I like it, not because it's fashionable. I love Elvis. People give me shit because of that! Why? I don't know. He was the King, for fuck's sake. I never really understood music snobs. Like what you like and to hell with anyone that turns their nose up at it. *shrug*

And with that, I leave you with the epic awesome that is Muse's "Knights of Cydonia".

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The ONLY reason I'm more apt to buy brand name clothes rather than cheaper stuff is because of an incident that happened to me in 1998. I had bought a couple of outfits from a discount clothing outlet at (the now non-existent) Lexington Mall. I wore a jacket and skirt I had purchased the next day. By the middle of the day, the seams started to disintegrate. The clothes fit fine, they weren't tight at all. If anything, they were big on me. It was embarrassing as hell. I was in the restroom with paperclips and a stapler trying to hold my clothes together. I don't know how I managed to get through the day, but I do remember having to stay in my seat most of the day.
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Hmmm. Book: Twilight, obviously.

Movie: I really just can't stand chick flicks in general.

Band: Nickelback. Creed. Most bands that get a lot of airplay on Top 40 stations.

Food: Raw onions, dill pickles, water chestnuts....things that taste like crunchy water.

TV show: American Idol. Pretty much anything on Lifetime or CMT.
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Probably this one:

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I have a Gir tattoo so I have a permanent bit of green on me. Yeah, I'm totally cheating. :D
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Spice World. That shit was terrifying.
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Christmas, 1987. My mother buys me a little shelf stereo with a turntable and a dual tape deck. Along with this, I get my first cassette and my first vinyl record. The tape was Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, and the record was George Michael's Faith.

And my mother wonders why I got all angry and gay later in life.


And yeah, I still listen to the music from both. Music is my first love, after all. :)
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I really don't know what kind of movie I'd classify it as (you know me and labels). All I know is I want Cameron Crowe to direct it.

As for who I'd want to play, shit. I have no idea. For some reason Mary-Louise Parker is coming to mind. Maybe cause I watched some of the last season of Weeds last night. I really like her character, Nancy. She has one crisis after another and somehow still keeps going.

As for everyone else...

Jackie and Joey - it would have to be the Olsen twins, back when they were the same age. Only get rid of the perfect image, rub a little dirt on them, and make 'em cuss more. That'd about do it.

My mom would be Roseanne, no doubt about it. :p

Beth (my sister): I've always said that if Raven-Simone (or whateverthefuck her name is) was just a couple of skin tones lighter, she'd be my sister. For reference, Beth looks nothing at all like me.

My brother, Chris (Goober), I've thought about a lot, and the only conclusion I can come up with is Rory Cochrane. I don't think anyone could pull off Goob's neurotic little tics quite as well as him.

I dunno about anyone else. Tony really really wishes he was Robert Downey, Jr, only without the crazy drug problems. I can't really think of anyone off the top of my head that would be a good representation of him.
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I cannot live without yogurt. I eat that stuff like it's the cure for cancer.

As for what I hate? Onions. Not all onions, but raw ones, definitely. I actually really like glazed and caramelized onions. I used to make some all the time and just eat a whole plate of em. But biting into raw onion will make me gag.

And tomatoes. Another paradox, because in some instances I like them. Cooked, like in a stew or something, fine. Or in salsa. Love me some salsa. But I still stick to the same reason I came up with when I was 8 for not liking them: I don't care for crunchy ketchup.

I will absolutely not eat meat in a can. Or bologna, hot dogs, any kind of lunch meat "loaf", or processed meat of any kind. I'm not a big meat eater to begin with, but if I'm going to eat it, I want it to at least resemble the cut of the animal it came off of.
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Oddly enough, I was just asked this question last night. Weird.

But anyway, I have two. One is on my right hip. It doesn't really look like anything. Then I have one on my left shoulder. Depending on how you look at it, it's either a lightning bolt, or New Jersey.

So...apparently I should have been born on the east coast. Or I've been not quite cursed by Voldemort, but rather, inconvenienced.
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I could quit smoking altogether if I never drove again. Just going a couple miles up the road or in town running errands, not so much, but if I'm on the interstate, I can't help it. I have to be able to do something other than stare straight ahead. Actually my whole driving routine could stand to be modified. I smoke, I screw around with the stereo, I drink a soda (or whatever I have with me), I talk on the phone (but only with my Bluetooth headset). Occasionally I'll have to dig something out of my purse. Probably not the worst things to be doing while I'm driving, but distractions are distractions nonetheless.
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Why tell when I can show you?

That sucker was as big as my hand. I ran in the house and locked the door when I saw that thing.
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"Mother Mother" by Tracy Bonham

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I do that all the time. My laptop's name is Serenity, for instance. And I almost always name my cars. My van was called The Rusty Pearl, or Pearl for short. She was a grand old lady, but aged horribly. My Jeep I've taken to calling Lance, because I bought it from a dealership called Rainbow, and there was a plate with the logo (a huge rainbow) on the back. It feels like a gay man for some reason.

I name musical instruments, too. My guitar's name is Baby. I had a keyboard I took to calling Emma, for some reason. I played trombone in band when I was in school, and I called it Hubert. I still don't know why.
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I'm going way back for this, since I've already had recent reasons to praise Mom. She has done a lot for me in the last ten years or so. But my favorite memories are from when I was very little, before she went to join the Army.

She used to sing to my brother and I a lot. She's where I get my intense love of art and music. I just remember that she had that "mommy voice" that could soothe me to sleep. But I still remember all the songs she sang to us. A lot of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Three Dog Night, and other 70's folky stuff.

And she had a hell of a record collection. In fact, she still has her spindle of 45's, which I listened to obsessively as a child because I'd gotten one of those Fisher Price record players for my 5th birthday. She had a good mix of stuff in there. I got my first taste of Aerosmith and Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin that way. But being five years old, my favorite was The Jackson Five. :p

I didn't listen to any current music until I was about ten or so. I didn't see the point since I knew what I liked. And then on Christmas Day 1987, She got me a shelf stereo with a better turntable, and a cassette player. And I'm not sure if she knew anything about them when she bought them, but my first LP was George Michael's Faith, and my first cassette was Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction. And she wonders why I got all angry and gay later. *laughs*

So yeah, my favorite memories of Mom almost always involve music in some way. Mom is very talented, but she never uses her abilities. She can play guitar, and she can make you cry with a violin. She hasn't had one in forever, though. I think, if I can afford to, I'm going to try to get her one for Christmas this year. Even if it's just a cheap one, because she deserves it.
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People don't get along with me? Well fuck them, then. I'll just keep all the awesome to myself.


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