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I've been at work for about 15 minutes and gotten no less than a dozen "wow" and "whoa" comments on my monkey pajamas just walking from outside to here. This is hilarious. :D
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Me: *sitting at my desk perusing internets, sipping Pepsi quietly*

Crazy Woman: *bursts in door, looking homicidal*

Me: Can I help you?

Cut for crazy )
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I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that I almost had sex with one of my friends in Louisiana. Almost. At the very last second, we both decided that it wasn't a good idea and we should stop. Well, it was more his idea than mine, but I agreed. Jesus, even in my dreams I can't get laid properly. :p

For some reason, my keys have vanished. They have to be somewhere in the house or in the yard because I came home Friday and didn't go back out until last night, when I discovered that they weren't in any of the usual places. Mom and I tore the house apart looking, but still they were gone. So far I have six suspects: two cats, two daughters and two nephews. The cats could probably only knock them off a table. The girls would just bring them to me if they found them. Landen isn't very mobile, since he's just learning to crawl, but Aiden...he's my number one person of interest in this case. That little bugger was everywhere and getting into everything. Knowing my luck the little shit probably buried them in the cats' litter box.

ACK. A mosquito got in here and got me four times before I managed to kill it. A mosquito bite on your pinky suuuucks.

Uh. Ok, weird thing that happened at work today was this conversation with a police officer and a woman outside (who are still there):

Woman: Hey, aren't you Christy's uncle?
Man: Yeah, I am. You look kinda familiar...
Woman: I was the one that tried to give you a goat!

Okie dokie then! *laughs*


Jul. 10th, 2008 10:59 am
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I don't think this cold is ever going to go away. Well, it's fading, but my sinuses are still giving me hell. Drainage sucks.

Apparently the kittens got the message that they're only supposed to use their litterbox. The only mess they've made since Tuesday was once more on the bookshelf in the same spot that got into the wood. I let some Windex soak in on the spot, since Mom told me the ammonia in it will keep them from going in the same spot again, but the last puddle was there so long that it soaked into the wood and warped it a bit. And they seem to be realizing that I am the keeper of the keys, so to speak, of their little world. Whenever I come home now, they're all kinds of affectionate.

I'm just ridiculously happy that I managed to park in front of the office this morning. There's only a few spots out front here, and they get filled up pretty quick. Usually I have to park in the city lot behind some buildings across the street.

I've been working on ads for the office all morning and my brain is going all mushy. I've gotten back rate quotes from three different newspapers and they all read like Japanese stereo instructions. I'm trying to come up with something that's not too bland, but not anything that's too weird and flashy. Ryan had mentioned that if we had a slogan, it would be something along the lines of "we fight for the underdogs". He also said that if he left it up to Ned, the ad would be covered in puppies. So I don't think I'm going to go that route. Probably just something with a nice font with all the info.

Not much else going on. I went home and beat the crap out of the drums on Rock Band for a couple hours last night. That is some fantastic stress relief, let me tell you. I've demolished every song on Easy, and I'm working my way through Medium now. Which means I'm getting better. When I first got the game, I largely ignored the drums because I couldn't seem to get the whole "use my hands and foot at the same time" thing. But I've got it now. Mom was even impressed, since I'm pretty notorious for my lack of rhythm. Both Mom and my sister play drums fairly well, but I've always looked like a spastic monkey if you hand me a drumstick. Not saying I'm gonna be the next Dave Grohl or anything, but I did 100% on "Learn To Fly". So nyah. :p
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I'm doing research on advertising rates for the local newspapers and billboards and such. So I was looking over the firm's website for ideas for the ad. Ryan asked if I could come up with something. He said if he'd left it up to Ned (one of the partners), it would be covered with puppies or something. He's a big animal rights activist. Pretty cool.

But yeah, if you're curious, check out the site:

Particularly the attorney profiles, Ned and John in particular. I'm not only impressed, but count myself lucky to get to work with these guys. :)

(And I had to find a reason not to be bitchy ALL day. :p)

Oh hai.

Jul. 8th, 2008 11:46 am
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Uh, lemme see here. I got a job at a law office here in Mt. Sterling, so I quit the job at the auto parts plant and started here today. It's slow as hell, but it's cool. The attorney here most of the time, Ryan, is about my age, and a pretty decent dude. We talked all morning and got a good sense of each other.

There's a big high-profile murder case just getting underway across the street. So there's a bunch of reporters camped out in front of the courthouse waiting for something to happen. And apparently everyone in the courthouse ordered from Pizza Hut today, because there's been five different deliveries in the last 20 minutes.

I have a cold, and that blows. I feel like a walking snot factory.

The kids were with me all weekend. We went to my aunt's house for a cookout on Friday, and the kids got to swim. Then we went home and they terrorized the kittens. And Jackie swallowed two pennies and insisted that I inspect her poop to see if she passed them. For fuck's sake, I probably swallowed a couple dollars' worth of change when I was little, and I'm fine. *twitch*

Man, I could just sit here all day and watch the people that go in and out of the courthouse. Such a variety. High-falutin' lawyers with their nice suits down to the meth-heads that I wouldn't go near without a hazmat suit and a hose. And there's one of the reporters that I think is with channel 27 that looks like he's 12 years old. Ryan and I sat here for quite a while trying to figure out what middle school he escaped from.

I think I'm going to go find me some lunch.
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I have a job now. Another purchasing gig, and I like it so far. I'm having to learn a little Japanese, because the management and a good portion of my coworkers are themselves. So there's a little bit o' sunshine.

The kids stayed over last night, but I wish I'd have gotten to see them sooner or got to keep them longer. Due to being unable to afford gas to get to Morehead, I hadn't seen them in about three weeks.

I think my mother is losing her fucking mind. Can stomach cancer affect the brain? I'm starting to believe it. She's acting like a friggin' teenager, and not in the fun, frivolous way. More like the reckless and irresponsible way, and I don't like it.

Anyway, I'll make a voice post later tonight that's a little more detailed. I should at least be pretending to work, but everyone's in a meeting but me and I ran out of things to do. :p
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I'm getting ready to head out on my first sales call, and if I make it through without totally fucking it up or puking on the client's shoes, it will be a good day.

Pray for me.
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GOOD GOD this call is boring. I've sat here and read my training materials twice. The training is going so slow. I'm so glad I bought this headset. I would chop my arm off if I had to hold the phone this whole time.

Oh well, least I'm sitting here doing this in my living room and I didn't have to travel an hour or two out of town. Means I can go to work pants free!

Pants are overrated anyway.

Bored now.

Apr. 18th, 2008 10:42 am
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Good lord, conference calls are boring as hell. Yay for mute buttons, so they can't hear me typing. Not that you really CAN hear it, but you know what I mean. By the way, just in case anyone needs to know this, I'll be doing this all day Monday and Tuesday, until about 6 pm, so if anyone needs to talk to me on those days, it'll have to wait until the evening.

Ok, sounds like we're getting started. I should start paying attention now.
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I started my new job today. Er, yesterday. I just got home about half an hour ago after being there at work on and off since NINE O'FUCKING CLOCK IN THE MORNING. This would be due to the collossal fuckup in the recruiting office. The girl told me to show up for orientation at 8:45. Okie doke. I get there right on time. The security officers look at me puzzled and tell me that Stacey (the fuckup in question) isn't even there yet. So I sit in the lobby for half an hour until someone comes down from recruiting and tells me that orientation isn't until 10:30. O....k...

So I putter around around the breakroom for about an hour or so, since it seemed pointless to leave and then have to scour the parking lot for a spot again. I get through orientation, which I'd been through before. I worked for this company a couple of years ago. The Nextel call center, you may remember my bitching about it. This is a different, slightly more civilized division, processing medical claims. I'm done with orientation at noon. Stacey starts directing the other new hires where to go and who to see. Then she gets to me and says "Oh, yeah, your team leader isn't going to be here for a while, so be back here at 4:00 to report for work."

I stared blankly at the back of her head as she took off around the corner, then tried to think of what I was going to do to kill four hours. I could have gone home. But, that would be a serious waste of gas and time. So I call my brother and tell him I'm coming over, to get out of bed, we're going to go eat. I'd only had about half a scone for breakfast, so I was ravenous by that point. So I go wait for him to get dressed and then we go eat. After that, we just hung out at his apartment until I had to head back to work.

As I expected, and as I have come to loathe, the first day is always chaos. The whole office was being refurnished, so naturally, everything was out of whack and there was no way to tell what went where. Terri, my trainer, finally got her affairs in order and got down to going over the instruction materials with me and Bridget, the other new person. Which is as dull as a dried-up turd. And long, and complicated. But it's one of those things that looks complicated on paper but will come to me in a heartbeat once I'm actually doing it. I never actually touched a computer all day except at Goob's house to check my email.

And then, since I remain Murphy's bitch, I finally get to leave at 10:00 (when I'm done with training I'll work till midnight). Not bad, yes? wouldn't have been bad, except for the fact that after I got back from my four-hour lunch break, I had to park in the very back row of the parking lot, the temperature had dropped by about 20 degrees, and it was raining. And I'd left my coat in the car. Yay.

So I'm good and tired and cranky now. Thankfully, I won't have to get up early in the morning again, and tomorrow should go a lot smoother (I hope). I'm gonna go fall over and drool on the couch now.
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So today's my last day at the office. This will most likely be my last post from here. It's kind of bittersweet leaving. I've never had a job I liked this much.

Anyway, David took the whole office out to lunch to Semolina's. I got to pick anywhere except Yujin's, since he hates sushi. *sigh* But I got their awesome bruschetta that I've been craving. And tee martoonis. I was just going to get a Coke, but David said "I'm getting a Ketel One on the rocks. You'd BETTER have a drink with me." Yes sir, boss sir. :p

David told me he's going to miss me because "you bring a welcome dose of reality to this place." This confused me. Me and reality are two ships that scrape against one another occasionally.

Then we came back a bit ago. Damn those martinis were strong. Phil came in just after we got back, and brought me a bon voyage card, some Mardi Gras beads, a balloon, and a GALLON of White Russian. I told Ashley she's going to have to help me drink it. I'm not even really supposed to be drinking, cause of the antibiotics, but...ah fuck it. :p

I've got my desk cleaned out, and all my stuff cleared off the computer. I'll wipe Firefox just before I leave. I'm gonna go grab a box from the back and start piling my stuff in it. Once I sober up a bit I'm going to run over to Mandeville to take care of some bills and then go home to enjoy my tasty beverage. :p
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I might make a post later if I have time. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of my weekend debauchery:
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I got twitchy waiting for Chris to get in touch with the guy. I talked to the guy that owns the townhouse I was wanting to rent, and went ahead and made arrangements to secure the place. It's really the best deal I could hope for. I'm so excited! *bounces around*

I also got a U-haul trailer reserved for the 30th. I just need to go over there a day or two ahead of time and get a hitch installed on the Jeep. Now my big concern will just be getting everything packed up and wrangle some people together to help me with the big stuff the day of my departure. That may be a bit tricky for a Wednesday, but I should be able to get a few people together. I've got a party planned for Friday at The Shed, and everyone's supposed to be there. I'm sure I can convince a couple of the guys to come help me out then.

I talked to the kids last night, and I thought they were going to explode with squee. Joey was like "Three weeks! That's like a million years away!" Once I put it in perspective for her, she was a lot happier, though.

Funniest thing about all this is that I sent out my email to the rest of the work crew announcing my departure, and they were all like "Can we just get rid of Benny and keep Dee?"

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I'm getting a bit nervous about the move. Ok, I've done the whole cross-country move before, but never all by myself. I'm just stressing about the whole thing. I've started tossing out stuff I don't want to take, the old computers and shit that Brian left here, and all that. I've put out a dozen or so queries about apartments I like.

My brother emailed me a few days ago and asked if I wanted a roommate. I suppose that wouldn't be too bad. Three bedroom apartments are a bit more expensive, and I told him that if he was absolutely sure that's what he wanted, that I would try to get a three bedroom. Because I need a room for the kids. That's not even debatable. Actually, I found a three bedroom place in the complex he's in now that runs about $700 a month. Which is hilarious to me, since around here, you can rent a shoebox for about that. But I told him that if he was willing to put up $300 a month, I'd do that.

I can deal with living with my brother. He's the one member of my family I'm really comfortable with. And in Lexington, we'd be away from the idiot friends he used to hang around with. He's cut off ties with them anyway, since he realized what scum they all are.

I'm due to break the news to the bosses that I'm leaving tomorrow. That's my last bit of news-breaking that I have to do. I'm setting my last day for the 25th, so it gives me a few days to get everything settled here. I'm just hoping that I can get through the next few weeks without too much stress. I might ask the doctor if I can get another refill of Atavan. I've just got a few of those left. I've been sweating like a beast all damn day. It's not hot outside. I've got the AC cranked. Fucking hot flashes or something. Great. *rolls eyes*
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Benny (one of my bosses) is supposed to be on vacation this week. Yet somehow, in the last three days, he's given me more work than the entire month of December. What the hell! He's making the inevitability of my putting in my notice a lot easier. *grumble* After his last email, I told him that if he didn't stop sending me emails and go fucking relax, I'd be signing him up for so much gay porn that he'd have to marinate in holy water for a week to ever feel clean again. Stupid overachieving fucker.

I got application forms for one of the apartments I was looking at. Holy hell. There's the usual questions, but then they want employment verification and three credit references. I won't have a job when I get there, but I will. I suppose I could have Ashley do a little administrative fudging for me. But the credit references could be a problem. I really only have one current, and that's my car payment. Well, two, my student loan payment, but I'll have that paid soon. I'll just have to see if I can come up with a third. I don't have a credit card. Don't really want one either.

Gah. I hate the application process and all that. Makes me nervous as hell. And gives me a headache. I sent queries to three other places, and I'm hoping to hear back from them today. I'd be happy with any of them, but this one was my favorite. But, hopefully, their applications won't be quite so...invasive.

There's still beer in the fridge left over from the Christmas party. I wonder if I can convince David that Ashley and I are the best way of disposing of them. I don't think he'll buy that, but if he leaves early again today, he won't have to know. :p
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So now the only people that haven't been informed of my impending departure is the bosses. That's because I'm waiting for Benny to come back from his vacation before I spring that on them. I think he comes back on Monday, so that will give me about 3 weeks from then.

Blah blah, babble babble )
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If I was allowed to have one in my office every day, I'd be able to deal with this bullshit a whole lot easier. :p
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Our biggest client is in the office today, which always sends Benny into a tizzy fit. And for some reason, Ashley is M.I.A. This is not good. It's already almost 10:00, and no one can seem to get in touch with her. Benny's had me call her half a dozen times, and I've left messages nicely asking where she is, meanwhile texting her going "Where the fuck are you?!"

Thankfully I'm not particularly busy today, so I got sent out to go pick up some pastries for breakfast. I was thankful to get out of here for a few minutes. Hopefully we'll all get out of here early today. I'd really like to get the car packed up while I've still got some daylight.

There were a couple of gifts on my desk when I got here. Ed had gotten me a candle that smells like almond biscotti (in other words, YUMMO!), and Benny gave me a hand painted wine glass that says "It's five o'clock somewhere" with the recipe on the bottom. It's really cute.

I was channel surfing last night and came upon a movie about the Marquis de Sade that was just so utterly ridiculous that I couldn't stop watching it. I didn't know anyone that was in it aside from...oh, shit, I can't remember his name. He was Gimli in the Lord of the Rings movies. But anyway, he was a sherrif or magistrate of some sort. But the acting was terrible, the story was just fucked, and de Sade kept sniffing his hanky so much that I wanted to shove it up his nose. I saw Quills a couple years ago, the one with Geoffery Rush, and that was great. It really messed with your head. This? Nothing like that. The biggest act of sadism in that movie would be forcing someone to watch it.

Well, I need to go medicate the boss before he loses his shit. *sighs*

Just FYI

Dec. 13th, 2007 03:01 pm
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I've been slammed busy with work this week. I was at Kinko's till after 7 last night, and I've got a dinner with the boss and some clients tonight. I've been trying to poke my head in here and comment on as much as I can, but eh. No time.

That, and LJ is being weird and icons won't load, so that's annoying.

I really don't want to do that shit tonight. I've got things I need to do. *sigh* Anyway, another week or so, then vacation. Which I'll probably need a second vacation to recover from.


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