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[ profile] ryvrecloud and [ profile] nomadicdragon got a good deal of them, but here's who they are for those of you who were wondering.

Pics and the answers )
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I found this site last night in my stumbling boredom with a TON of pictures I've never seen before. Pretty interesting stuff. So I picked out a few, and thought it would be fun to see who can figure out the most celebrities. I will give you one hint: there is one celebrity that appears in two different photos.

Onward! )
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I'm still working on this week's comic. Hopefully I'll have it done tonight, but I can't really make a promise on that. In the meantime, and as a means of further procrastination for myself, here's something different. Over on Whitechapel, we have a Draw Each Other thread that's pretty popular. We've got a lot of interesting and awesome subjects and artists to see. I haven't had time to contribute yet, but I have submitted myself for interpretation.

With interesting results...big pictures under here )
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I'm gonna get to all the comments for the 2010 meme when I get home, cause I don't have time to tell all you guys how awesome you are. Awww.

This was on the only message board I still really frequent, Whitechapel. There's a Draw Each Other thread there, and I've gotten a couple of things done with my pictures, but so far, this one is my favorite:

It's by Yoav Segal, and he's awesome. You can see more of his stuff at

You can see more of the Whitechapel crew's awesomeness (and I mean that) right here in the Draw Each Other thread. I got the first contribution in on the first page, so I feel slightly accomplished there. And I managed to get Paul Sizer to make happy noises, which is awesome, because I love his work.

Shit, I have to go to work. Bye!
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I will have another comic up this weekend (keep your fingers crossed, there). I've been fucking around with the html on Blogger, and I can't for the life of me figure this shit out. I mean, basic html, like increasing the width of the body/post area, I can deal with. In fact, I kind of already did that. As you can see, I am brilliant at fucking up code.

I'm happy with the layout (for now anyway). The new size of the body is just right for the width of the comic. Actually, the next one and the ones following should be just a couple dozen pixels slimmer. All I really want is to get the sidebar back to where it's supposed to be, instead of at the bottom of the page, where it's hanging around like a vestigial tail.

I'll wait while you Google "vestigial tail" and then yell at me.

So anyway, does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about, or could give me a link to something that could help me out? I'm tired and cranky, and I'm likely to fuck it up worse if I keep messing with it tonight.

Who Knew?

Nov. 30th, 2009 07:38 pm
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I updated my profile on Facebook and got over half a dozen messages about it. Mostly pertaining to this:

"I unwaveringly support gay rights, gay marriage, gay adoption, and gay bake sales. Because rainbow sprinkles are delicious."

Including one message from a concerned person wondering if liking rainbow sprinkles made him gay. I replied to him and told him that it only made him gay if he was eating them off another dude.

God I love being me sometimes. :p
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Some of these are for self-reference/motivation, and others are just fun. StumbleUpon is a neat little Firefox add-on that is like a little friend in your browser that will show you things to look at when you're bored with the web.

Ariana Osborne on how to start a project. Good, simple advice that is universally sound.

Twilight Cycles from Brandon Routh (Video) - Brandon Routh stars in a commercial for vampires and their human girlfriends who need extra protection during that special time of the month.

Movies in Fifteen Minutes - 2012 - [ profile] cleolinda is so funny it shouldn't be legal.

Gelaskins DIY Mobile Art - Create skins out of your own (or any) artwork for your phone, laptop, iPod, gaming system, etc.

A "killer" gaming wallpaper (several sizes)

What The "Do Nothing" Obama Has Accomplished - A blog discussing the things that people were either unaware of, chose to ignore or failed to acknowlege.

Create a font from your own handwriting. - All you need is a printer and a scanner, and it's free.

Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's frosting - NOM NOM NOM

Get Excited And Make Things - I want this on a shirt, a poster, hell, I want that crown as a tattoo.

Oh hai!

Mar. 14th, 2009 03:11 pm
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Yes, it's official, I'm back. :) The bad news is, I no longer have Serenity, my laptop. So I'm either going to be posting via my PS3's browser with a USB keyboard (which I prefer, because who doesn't want to have a 40” monitor?) or from my mom's laptop.

Mom picked up an Asus Eee PC for like 200 bucks, and I have to admit, it's not too shabby. I never have been a Linux fan, but I'm getting used to it. It has fuck all for storage capacity, but that's ok. I managed to resurrect my external hard drive, and all its contents. Turns out it wasn't bricked after all, just Serenity decided she didn't want to fool with it anymore. She always was a snob when it came to peripherals. Oh well. It's a 500 GB drive, so this tiny little laptop will do just fine with that added to it. And I do mean tiny. I could hollow out my hardcover copy of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and hide it in there.

Wherein I update you on the last five or six months of my life )
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I was sitting here half awake clicking on the StumbleUpon button trying to find some brain stimulation, and it brought me back to my LJ. Specifically, the bacon ice cream post.

I'm not sure whether to pat myself on the back or what. *laughs* Did one of you guys submit it? Cause I sure didn't.

ETA: Oh yeah, looking helps! It was [ profile] cevaq. Thanks, doll! :D
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My Aunt Teresa and her husband Rick (I've never been able to call him "Uncle" - he's only 10 years older than me) are photographers. I've known this for years. I didn't know they were so damn good, though. I was showing them pictures from the movie set on July 4th, and Rick was telling me he liked some of the photos. He gave me one of their cards, which were very nice, and said that if I did want to get into acting, they'd do some head shots for me for free (since I'm family and all). I stuck it in my wallet and forgot about it.

So I was rearranging stuff in my wallet last night and found the card again. I noticed they have a website, so I went to look. Wow. I'm impressed. They do great work, and the website is slick as satin.

Go look at my aunt's pretty site! :p

I was also a little envious, just because, well, I do that. But then, when I think about it, Teresa's always been really into photography. I remember when I was really little she used to take all these pictures of everything with this camera with a huge fucking lens. And then she got married, had a couple of kids, and that was it. Then she and her first husband divorced, and a few years later, she married Rick. I like Rick, but he's a bit odd. Not in a bad way, just odd in a different way than me. Next thing you know, they're starting to do weddings and such. And Teresa basically went from having a hobby back in the late 70's/early 80's, to nothing for ten years or so, to starting a fairly successful photography studio.

To top all that off, they both have worked as production management at Toyota for over 20 years, and Teresa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago. But she doesn't let it bother her. She knew she was sick for over a year before she even told anyone other than Rick, and that was just because her "bad day" symptoms were getting to be more than she could handle. So that's pretty badass.

Now what I can't understand is how she and my mother came from the same woman, and yet are so vastly different. Weird.
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Ok, just for shits and giggles I Googled my first name to see what I come up with. Nothing on the web search, so I hop over to images, and there's this chick on the second row of thumbnails and it was titled "Princess Dextra". Ok, intriguing. So I click through to the site.

First of all, the link itself:

Hilarious in itself, yes? Oh, it gets better. This bitch is making money off this shit, too. More power to her, I guess, if people are dumb enough to give it to her. *laughs*
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Just so's you guys know, I'm going to be on my training calls today, between 10 am and 6 pm. So if you try to text or call me, I won't be able to answer. Not to say you can't text or call, but you'll either get no response or voice mail. :p

I mentioned Muxtape in my last post. I played with it last night, just tossing up a few of the tracks I've been listening to lately. I love putting together playlists and such. And when I was in high school, I looooved making mix tapes. Whenever I would be at a party, nine times out of ten I'd end up taking over the stereo and playing dj.

So here's my mix, which I named Bitchy Lou Who. *snort* Check it out. It's very easy to play, just click on a song. Click on it again to pause or stop. Also, you might want to listen to the last song on the list. I guarantee it's something you've not heard before. ;)*

*HINT - I'm on the list. :D
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Especially not from work. Cause we'll make you lose your job.

Click for lulz.
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I found this site via Stumble yesterday and in my more bored moments I go over there. And then for the next half hour I'm guffawing like an idiot. It's just snippets of IRC chats, but they're pretty funny. Here's some of my favorites.

I think this is a testament to just how juvenile my sense of humor can get: )

Edit: Code was fucked. I fixed it. :p
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I'm bored. I got caught up with work, so now I've got a couple of hours to kill. The best time waster I have at my disposal is my StumbleUpon button. If you have not heard of and/or downloaded this yet, I have to say it is the one webtool I would recommend the highest, but only if you don't plan on being productive EVER AGAIN.

Here's some of the nifty things I've found today:

The World's Two Most Beautiful Vegetables
Fractal Broccoli is utterly fascinating. I'd love to try it, just to see if it tastes any different. I'm not that impressed with the purple cauliflower. I've seen that before.

An 8 year old's reaction to Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy.
It's funny cause it's true.

Recipe for Pecan Pie Cookies

A "walk of shame" kit
Oh, I wish I'd found this earlier. Ashley would have gotten a different Christmas gift. :p

Mike's Amazing Cakes
I don't think I would ever want to eat them, but just marvel at them forever.

Um. What?

Dec. 18th, 2007 08:57 am
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Cut for hissy-fit. )
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I really should be getting back to work, but I accidentally hit the StumbleUpon button instead of the refresh button on my friends page, and this is what happened: )
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This is a very interesting thing: CreateSpace

Descrition of the service as on the site:

"CreateSpace on Demand Publishing is simple: we manufacture physical products when customers order so no pre-built inventory is needed. Through our service, you can sell DVDs, CDs, and books, for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials.

With our services, you can make your books, music and video available to millions of customers by selling on, the CreateSpace Shop, and on your own website with a customized eStore."

That's very interesting, that is.
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It's the 15 Dollar Store!

Clothes, shoes, etc - Everything on the site is $15. That's my kind of shopping right there. It physically pains me to pay full price for clothes. The Target clearance racks are my best friend. Ross is awesome. But you will never catch me in a department store or boutique unless they're having a super-mega-blowout-of-the-century sale. Because I suck at being female and would rather spend my money on stuff that requires electricity, batteries, or a device in which to play the disc. :p


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