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Post apocalyptic future dream. The saviors of humanity are (no shit) Muppets, the vampires of Bon Temps, Justin Powell and Cory Stringer. I don't think I should HAVE to elaborate further at this point, but for the sake of showing how fucked my subconcious is, I will anyway. It started with the vampires. I was in an hospital that people were finding refuge in. Bill Compton saved me from a bad vamp that wanted to skin me to see my what my finger bones looked like under the moonlight. Northman was around, but unfortunately nowhere near me. Damn it.

People were scavegeing for food. I recall a group of teenagers finding a stash of canned food and being very excited about it. I found Justin and Cory in a cafeteria, after the Muppets found them. And my mother was with them. There was a moment, when my mother said, there she is, there's my daughter! And all of them said hi to me and waved excitedly. And even though I'd just been attacked by a vampire, and seriously scared and confused, my smartass gene kicked in. I said (in my Dr. Nick voice) "HI EVERYBODY!" And about a third of the muppets yelled back "HI DR NICK!" and I did a fistpump and said "Them's mah people." No, I don't know why I did this, but if you know me, you're probably not surprised that I would.

There was a bunch of random scenes that floated around as well. It seemed that we were in NYC, because I could see the Manhattan skyline. Though the view was similar to that from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, so that was a little odd. Also of note, the Doozers built the World Trade Center back with three towers and barber's scissors sticking out the top. I don't know why. I remember seeing some other vampires wandering around at night, but of course, come daylight, they were running for the basement/morgue.

Oh, and Schaef was having a conversation with someone about where he had been. It seems we were all kind of scattered around NY. He said he was just out running his car up and down the highway really fast because there weren't any cops around to bust him, and it wouldn't mean anything anyway.

There was one thing that really disturbed me. More than the vamp wanting to eat the flesh off my fingers. That was The Count and Bubba (from the Sookie books) chasing cats. Wrong wrong wrong. Anyway. My brain is a very weird place to be at night.


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