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Jul. 1st, 2010 10:30 am
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I'm having difficulty with thankfulness this morning, but I'll try. Things I'm currently holding in gratitude:

- Purple nail polish
- I can wear sandals again (aka my skin is finally starting to behave after months of omgwtfbbq)
- Overdue explanations from the other side of the world (long story)
- Coffee, as always
- The job market looks better than it did six months ago, thank fuck. I need a new job, this one can suck my dick.

- I discovered and immediately visually devoured every available episode of True Blood. I'm caught up except for the two most recent episodes. It's gruesome, hilarious and hot all in one show. And the fact that it will poke fun at itself makes it so much more awesome. What was it the Queen of Louisiana told Eric? That he and Bill should just fuck and get it over with? EPIC.

Also, Eric's description of children is one of the best ever: "Oh come on Pam, I think they're funny. They're like humans but miniature...teacup humans." :D
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I am very thankful that I got to see Annette, James and Bacon yesterday. I wish we'd had more time (and energy, for that matter lol).

For [ profile] just_jenn and her family, who are full of win and awesomesauce. :)

For music. And that I've gained a newfound interest in Glee. That show makes me feel young again. Not that I'm fucking decrepit or anything, but y'know, young at heart.

Cooooooffffffeeeee. And oatmeal. But coooooofffffeeeeeeee.

That it actually has felt like summer outside the last few days. I hope it continues.

Discovered that the trailer for The Dark Knight was nestled into some dark corner of my phone. This thing plays pretty decent video. I was sort of surprised. I also noticed in the trailer, that when Bruce is in Hong Kong, and Lucius hands him a phone identical to the one he'd had earlier, and just like the one in my hand. DUDES I HAVE BRUCE WAYNE'S PHONE.

Finding that Rick James/70's bush purse at Garden of the Gods' gift shop. Also, I spent a small fortune on t-shirts for the family. They'd better fucking love my ass.

Bubblegum vodka is better than I thought it would be. I don't think it would be good for shots, but with Sprite and cranberry juice, it is pretty damn good.
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- Onions. ;)

- Getting recognized for a job well done.

- Marie Callender's pot pies.

- Converse with flames on the sides.

- Annette's awesome lotions. :)

- My Muthafuckin' Robin.

- The best roomies ever that put up with my goofy ass. :p

- My shiny new phone, Skeets.

- Betty White.

- Category five gloats. LOL.
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- Came up with a great idea for a reality show last night. Section 8 Survivor. Will elaborate more on this later, because I don't have a lot of time and I've kind of wasted my morning.

- Coffee, of course.

- Friends who love me. Seriously though, in ten years time, if I haven't found another human being to be with that won't screw me over, one of you better either marry me or shoot me and put me out of my misery, got it?

- Purple dresses

- Weird dreams. Very weird, and I won't get into the one I had last night, but it woke up my imagination a bit.
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I am thankful for all my friends
Goofy birthday cards (with boobs)
Gold nail polish
Silly t-shirts
Making it to 33 mostly intact
My new phone should be arriving any minute now and I won't have to delete all my text messages every day anymore to make room for more
Amanda Palmer (and age relevant songs):

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- Monkey pajamas
- Coffee
- The snooze button
- New awesome bag that just arrived last night
- Salvador Dali staring at me from my coffee cup
- Today is my Friday
- The rabbit that hangs around the building I work in that is not scared of people, and if there's not too many around, will come sniff around near my feet
- I should have a ridiculous amount of Girl Scout cookies arriving soon
- Comics, particularly ones that make me want to be lizard happy too.
- My daughter sending me emails that make me nearly die laughing.
- Dreams. That's where I'm a viking!
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Keeping it short:


The Universe

And everything.
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Happy Gorge Yourself to Bloatation Day aka Gobble Gobble Motherfuckers!

I am thankful for everyone and everything good in my life. I've been awake less than an hour, so that's the best you're getting out of me for at least the time being.
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I am thankful for....

-Opportunites, in their various forms.
-Black shimmery nail polish
-Good times and funny stories
-Laughing till I nearly cry
-Crazy ideas

Other stuff... )
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This week I am thankful for:

- My friends
- Coffee
- Music
- Silly cats
- Comfy pajama pants
- Teh artz
- Finally getting ONE interview. (Yeesh.)
- The fact that I am not this bear (yes, that's a bear):

Story here:
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Today I am thankful for Midol.
Hell's Kitchen
Little bitey Zoe kitty
Not being my day to do the dishes
Having had a quiet day so far
Getting "cheer the hell up" cards in the mail (Thanks, Katy *grins*)
Drag queens
Ice cream
Ninja Warrior
Comic books
Rock Band

....gonna go bang on my little plastic drums now.
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I am thankful for:

- Having internets again!

- Having cable tv again!

- Being able to communicate with my peoples!

- Having my Tony here!

- And he's staying!

- And Mom is totally down with the idea!

- And I'm fucking hungry so Imma go get some lunch!
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I hate being so damned cynical. I hate it when I have a lack of interesting things to say. I have a lot of things I could say, but nothing worth reading. I'm in kind of a pissy mood anyway. Maybe if I wouldn't watch the Republican National Convention coverage I'd be in a better mood. I'm a little worried about that. I've not been this into politics since I was in college. My political enthusiasm tends to come and go, but I dunno, this election kind of lit a fire under my ass.

I watched Sarah Palin speak last night. She's scary. She talked about her family (very noticably focusing on her sons rather than her daughters). She gave herself a huge pat on the back for being a special needs mom. She sucked McCain's ass with hurricane force. She bashed on Obama, and talked about how down to earth she is and gave a bunch of down homespun wisdom about...nothing really. And then she made mention that she believes that our actions in Iraq are the will of God. *headesk* x infinity

Ok, ok, I'mma shut up about that for now. It's Thursday, so I should be thankful for things, right? Let's see...

Conditionally Grateful )
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This week I am thankful for...

Laughter. It's such a simple thing, but when you go for a while without it, you don't realize how it makes a hell of a lot of difference in your well-being. I love laughing. I love complex jokes that make you think, but I still bust a gut at some of the most base, childish things.

I like watching or listening to stand up comics when I'm down or just bored. Some of my favorites are Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Mitch Hedberg (RIP to those guys), Margaret Cho, Eddie Izzard, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, Stephen Lynch and Jeff Dunham. I miss when Bill Cosby was still funny. The Himself show still cracks me up.

And I wouldn't really count him as a comedian, but Kevin Smith is a great storyteller. If you've never seen it, An Evening With Kevin Smith and the sequel, Evening Harder are fucking hilarious. I guarantee you that if you ever say "Would you like a portion?" to me in a smarmy British accent, I will be on the floor rolling.

Oh here, seeing it for yourself is funnier than my explanation. )
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Today I am thankful for...

The bottles of rattly pills that make the pain go away.
My sweet darling Tony who makes me feel better and makes me laugh so hard it hurts but I don't care.
Coffee! As demonstrated in this highly accurate self-portrait:

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Oh! Quiznos' Chicken Carbonara sandwich. Probably the most unhealthy thing I eat on a regular basis, but it is SO GOOD. OM NOM NOM NOM.
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Thing #1: Happy birthday to [ profile] theaggregator! Your birthday/cheer up, dammit present is below the cut.

Thing #2: Said present also applies to anyone else having a shitty day/week/month/year/life.

Thing #3: My first Thursday Thanks list in a long time. I am thankful for:

- My job. It might not have the greatest pay, but I'm left alone and I do nothing all day. Pretty sweet.
- Tony, my favorite dork. :)
- All of you guys, for either verifying my sanity or insanity, whichever is funnier.
- Sunny days.
- Not letting anxiety and fear bring me down.
- Blue and Cheese, my baby kittehs.
- The parade of weirdness that I'm witness to daily.
- Getting to be in a movie, even if they do kill me.
- Meeting new and interesting people.
- Not having the bosses in today so I could bring my laptop in and upload/download things to my heart's content. :p

And now, the mysterious present. )
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Today I am thankful for (in no particular order):

- Making my first sale yesterday, even if I stumbled through it.

- All of you. I love you all. Just reminding you. :)

- My bluetooth headset, without which, conference calls would be an even bigger pain.

- Cinnamon rolls

- $5 DVDs at Wal-Mart

- Getting a decent amount of sleep last night

- My kids

- Creative streaks

- Music
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Haven't done this in a while. I am thankful for:

- This new job. I think I'm really going to be happy with it.

- Having the kids around every day. It's always a challenge and always a blessing. :)

- Knowing my limitations and tolerance levels and knowing when to step back from the stupid people and let them sink their own ships without dragging me down with them.

- Day-Quil.

- Having a head cold makes me sound like Kathleen Turner, unless I get some phlegm going, then I sound like Tom Waits.

- My Goddamn Batbitch shirt.

- All the animals that live in the woods behind my house, particularly the deer. I've seen them a few times now, and they inch a little closer to the house every time they come by.

- Getting back into a shape other than "potato".

- Strawberry Pocky.

- Strange as it sounds, for getting hit on by a chick I've known for years to be straight as an arrow. It was bizarre, and not happening, but it was nice little ego boost.

- Wonder Woman

- For living in the nicest place I've ever had on my own.

- That my antennae are still in good working order.

- Yogurt with granola, which, from what I hear, is somewhat better than a rice krispie treat as a breakfast food. Who knew?

- My granny, who has always been my first mom.

- Finally starting to see that maybe all the nice things people say about me could actually be true. I still think some of y'all are full of it, though. :p

- Rising from the ashes of my old life, ready to finally live again. I think I've finally earned my wings, even if my feathers are the furthest thing from flame retardant. ;)
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I'm thankful today for:

-Being alive. Sort of.
-My single cup of coffee that is taking some of the pressure off my head.
-Sausage biscuit with grape jelly. What? It's good.
-One week till I'm on the road again.
-My check for the deposit and first month on the townhouse cleared the bank, so I'm not worrying about being homeless. :p
-Finding the first season of The L Word at Target for 20 bucks. I really didn't want to like that show. I watched that whole set in 2 days. It really is good, and not preachy or bashing you over the head with "teh gay" like Queer as Folk seemed to do (at least it seemed that way to me).

Sorry for my little mini-panic attack last night. I get really sad and needy when I'm sick. I'm not hurting as bad today, thankfully. But my head hurts from caffiene withdrawals, I'm still all achy and crabby and just generally want to go back to bed and stay there until this goes away. And it's all nasty and rainy outside, which doesn't help.

Also, I bruised the shit out of my left ankle last night. That poor thing's seen so much abuse. It's been broken, sprained, and lord knows what else. But I had my coffee table right up against the couch. Because I have to have all my essentials within arm's reach. It looked like a little island of crap and laziness by the time I got up to go to bed. So anyway, I'd gotten up to go to the bathroom, and swung my leg a little too hard and caught the corner of the table with that little soft spot right above my heel. So now it's all nice and purple. But it's about the only part of my body that doesn't hurt.

Cut for slightly amusing TMI )
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Thankful for:

*I got the bike sold for $300, and the guy's coming to pick it up tonight. I was just going to give it away, but if I can get a little back for what I paid for it, bonus.
*Party tomorrow at The Shed. Whoo!
*I found a pile of stuff the kids' drawings last night that are highly amusing.
*Seeing that I have just a little over a week left at work, I'm not really having to do much of anything, so I'm chilling with my iPod on shuffle.
*Hanging out with Ashley and Lindsey watching Project Runway is a lot more fun than I want to admit to.
*It's quiet today.
*I have coffee.
*It's not raining anymore.
*My iPod just went from Norah Jones to the Rolling Stones to Prodigy to Tupac to The Jackson 5 to Suzanne Vega. And it's ALL GOOD.


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