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Happy birthday [ profile] kaylara! Hope you have a good one, babe. :D

Found a good little coffee shop close to work, and had enough time to stop in this morning. Good stuff. They even serve the scones warm, which is more than I can say for some places.

I don't have any pretty pictures for TT, seeing as how I'm not really in a man-loving mood today. I'm not really in a man-hating mood, just more like man-apathy. Or something.

Anyway, since there's so much Harry Potter mania going around, how about a refreshing kick in the teeth? Here's another book I'll be picking up soon, and you can read the first chapter by clicking here.

I know when a book starts off with the line "I opened my eyes to see the rat taking a piss in my coffee mug." - it has my full attention.

I think I'm going to be doing a lot more reading in the near future.

EDIT: There are naked pictures of Daniel Radcliffe in the comments of the link above. Just sayin'. :p
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This is my and CJ's friend Chris. He's not quite right in the head, but we like him, and he throws some killer parties. He's also volunteered to officiate our wedding ceremony (whenever that may be). Enjoy.

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Jared Leto = *drool*. I'd like to thank whoever introduced him to eyeliner. And I LOVE this song.

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I've put WAY too much thought into this, but ever since HBO announced a possible Preacher series, I've been casting the main roles in my mind. I never could settle on who I thought could be the perfect Jesse Custer.

Now I have. )
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I've been freezing my ass off since yesterday. Brian and CJ were picking on me because I wore my bathrobe outside OVER my clothes and a hoodie. Fuck it. My coat was in the van, and my bathrobe was right there. *shrug* All that time in Arizona killed whatever tolerance for cold weather I had.

On roomies and computers )

And since I didn't do anything for MMM or TT, I found something yesterday that covers both: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have moved to New Orleans. They've apparently bought a house in the French Quarter, and even enrolled their son in a N.O. school (a private one, obviously). So hey, [ profile] gracecat! If you're still heading down to the Mask Market on the 16th, you wanna go stalking with me? :p
Link about their move here:
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I couldn't think of any "real" men that I'm lusting over currently, so I decided to go with this one, since I pulled my comics out of storage last night:

That would be Mr. Jesse Custer from Preacher on the right there. Handsome dude, yes, but for me, it's all about the attitude and personality.
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I don't lust over guys too often, but I've been watching this video over and over and over and over just to watch him bite an apple. O.o

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Damn I've got a one track mind )
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Don't have much for today...

Just a nice guy who cuts up bad guys after work...

And this one's not a bad guy, but he plays one on tv.

And yes, I know, I made the weasel/ferret worse. I had to horrify someone into submission last night, and I had Photoshop available. THESE THINGS HAPPEN.


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