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Jul. 8th, 2008 11:46 am
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Uh, lemme see here. I got a job at a law office here in Mt. Sterling, so I quit the job at the auto parts plant and started here today. It's slow as hell, but it's cool. The attorney here most of the time, Ryan, is about my age, and a pretty decent dude. We talked all morning and got a good sense of each other.

There's a big high-profile murder case just getting underway across the street. So there's a bunch of reporters camped out in front of the courthouse waiting for something to happen. And apparently everyone in the courthouse ordered from Pizza Hut today, because there's been five different deliveries in the last 20 minutes.

I have a cold, and that blows. I feel like a walking snot factory.

The kids were with me all weekend. We went to my aunt's house for a cookout on Friday, and the kids got to swim. Then we went home and they terrorized the kittens. And Jackie swallowed two pennies and insisted that I inspect her poop to see if she passed them. For fuck's sake, I probably swallowed a couple dollars' worth of change when I was little, and I'm fine. *twitch*

Man, I could just sit here all day and watch the people that go in and out of the courthouse. Such a variety. High-falutin' lawyers with their nice suits down to the meth-heads that I wouldn't go near without a hazmat suit and a hose. And there's one of the reporters that I think is with channel 27 that looks like he's 12 years old. Ryan and I sat here for quite a while trying to figure out what middle school he escaped from.

I think I'm going to go find me some lunch.
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I went to one appointment today. And it didn't work out. *shrug* It happens.

But, um, while I was finishing up, my stomach made this horrible sound, and I didn't think I was going to make it out of there in time. Thankfully I was close to the comic shop. I ran past Sara and made it to the bathroom just in the nick of time. When I came out a few minutes later, she was like "What the hell, man?"

I just shrugged and said "Shit happens."

So I blame Gracie and her poop obsession for this. You know you should never say those things to me or they just happen. *snort*

Eh, it's ok. I made a good commission yesterday. And I had one training call today, and another one this evening, so my day would have been cut short anyhow. I've just been lying on the couch drinking Gatorade and playing Lego Star Wars. And running to the toilet every little bit. Yee haw, intestinal distress.

I'm sure you all really wanted to know. I share because I care. ;)


Apr. 19th, 2008 10:32 am
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Dear Kentucky Weather,

Fuck you.



Apr. 16th, 2008 12:22 am
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I thought for sure this sinus ick was allergy related. I took my Claritin hours ago, and not only has the ick not gone away, now I've got this lovely sore throat to go along with it. I hate being sick. And I don't get colds that often, so they really work me over when I do.

Thankfully, the only thing I have on the schedule tomorrow is a phone interview at around 3. I'm hoping that goes well. If I not, then I hope I hear from the bank on Friday. EDS isn't a bad company to work for, but it's so dull. And Prodigy (the phone interview) is a good company as well, but the job is infinitely better. Here's the job description.

I really like the self-starting aspect of the job. And what I really like about it is it's very enterpreneurial. I like it when I'm able to work alone, or at least be given the chance to do so. What I loathe about the call center environment is that it feels like a factory, almost. My first "real" full time job was in a power tool factory. It sucked balls. I just hate it when I'm in a job where I'm being overly supervised, as if I'm too damn stupid to figure things out for myself.

But anyway, I like the freedom and flexibility of it. And the pay is pretty damn good too. Better than most other jobs I've been going for.

Ugh. my brain is getting sick-stupid. I'm gonna curl up on the couch, drink some tea and watch a movie or something. My head's too congested for me to lie down. Maybe I've got some NyQuil around here somewhere. I might not be able to sleep, but at least I'll be able to breathe.
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Oh man. Just another 30 minutes and then I can go home and fill myself with tea and soup and not move for the rest of the night. I've been fighting to stay awake all afternoon.

I did manage to run out to a moving supply store (how handy!) at lunch and get some heavy duty boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. I'm trying to figure out how to pack my tv so that it doesn't get damaged. That's the downside of an LCD or plasma tv. They don't move easily. Thankfully I held on to the box for the PS3, so I'll have no problem with that.

I think I might start working on the spare bedroom tonight if I don't feel too shitty. Ashley's having a party tonight, but I'm gonna bail on that. I just don't feel up to it.


Jan. 21st, 2008 11:07 am
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I think I'm getting sick. All that fun over the weekend is catching up with me. Spending the night at the Shed wasn't bad, but it was a little drafty. That and running back and forth in the rain probably didn't help. I'm just all achy and my nose is runny and I think I could sleep another 36 hours.

I feel like teh poo. *pouts*
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So I uploaded them to Flickr. You can see them here. But just for the hell of it, here's a picture of my nephew, Aiden (and Beth's cleavage):

Still feel like ass. Think I'm gonna just crash when I get home. CJ can make dinner. I'm too nauseous.
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Well, my head's not pounding quite as much as it was. It's achy. I should probably go get some lunch soon, but food doesn't sound good at all. I should really just go home, but I've missed too much time at work as it is. I know if I asked, no one would argue, but I need the hours. And I have a monster zit on my forehead that looks like an off-center bindi. Damn I'm sexy.

Seems we have a random gifter in our midst, so whoever sent me the virtual granny panties....thanks? *laughs* I needed a little something weird today.

I got something weird in the mail yesterday. The state health department sent these huge booklets out on how to deal with a flu pandemic. *insert wtf face here* It spoke about avian flu a lot. Like there's a flupocalypse that's descending upon us or something. If there is, I wouldn't know, I don't really watch the news.
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Thank you anonymous giftie-type person(s). I just got another pile of presents on my userinfo page, and someone gave me two extra months on my paid account (with the extra userpics that came with). *blows kisses at the wind* You're awesome. :D

In udder newthz...I thig I'b gedding a code. I was trying to ignore it and hope it would go away, but my head is full of mucous, and I think I've got a slight fever. I have had the dumb all day. Thankfully the boss is gone and I get to be lazy the rest of the day. *sniffles*
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I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My stomach started hurting last night and it didn't let me sleep very well. I got up, still hurting. And dead tired. I sat here this morning trying to wake up, but when I wasn't hunched over going "ow", I was dozing off. So I called in and went back to bed. I didn't wake up until 2:30 this afternoon. And I had the weirdest dream that I only vaguely remember now. Something involving hitmen, me driving around a lot, and loads of people sleeping all over my house. *shrug*

So I've just been bumming around the house today not doing anything. I think I'm going to scan some of my school projects and post them on DA. And I'll have to take a couple of pictures of my design projects, since they're too big for the scanner.

Speaking of pictures... )
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You know your day is gonna pretty much suck when your wake up call is getting puked on at 4 am. And then again at 4:45, and once more at 5:10. And then in the rush to get it all cleaned up before it sinks into/sticks to every surface it touches, you slip on a turd that the dog ever so thoughtfully placed in front of the bathroom door, causing you to land on your ass. Now all I really need is for someone to piss in my coffee, and my day will be complete!*

*Kill me plzkthx
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Feeling a little better. Think I was sick and just didn't realize it. Even though I did sleep last night, I came in this afternoon and just fell over and slept till about 8 o'clock. Now I just want to take a shower and wash the sleepy icky sick feeling away.

*deep breath*

Tomorrow's another day. Think I'll go ahead and load up some new icons.
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I should make a Leap Day entry, considering I won't be able to do it again for another 4 years. I really don't have anything interesting to say. I have a cold. I just got forced out of bed, even though I didn't manage to go to sleep until about 5 am, because my daughter ran in here screaming she needed pants. This is because I'd bought them some new shirts last night. And obvously, waiting for me to get up to change was ludicrous. I hate everything and everyone at this very moment, and if I'm not able to breathe out of at least ONE side of my nose, I'll end up killing someone before the day's out.
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I want to either die or just at least be able to keep some nourishment in my body. I've been tied to the toilet all day, one way or another. I can deal with the diarrhea, or the vomiting, but not both at once! I was doing a little better before Dave washed a client's dog in the bathtub and it was positively revolting. For the past week, I've just been hoping to get my sense of smell back. Now I don't want it. *whinebitchmoangroan*


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