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I sent off a package to you yesterday. Should be to you in the next day or so. :)

Sent off a package to the kids, too. I'd got them a couple of outfits at Target a couple weeks ago and just got around to sending them. *shrug* Oh well.

Got myself a new bank account started on Friday, so that was one good thing I managed to accomplish this week. I even got a Goddamn Batman debit card. :p

There was a sale at Target, so I got a new vacuum. Holy shitbiscuits. It has a a pretty big dirt cup on it. Probably holds about a gallon if you filled it with water. I filled it halfway just vacuuming my bedroom. Then I emptied it and the same thing happened in the living room. I know the carpet in here is crap, but I didn't know it was THAT friggin' dirty. *does heebie jeebie dance*
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I've been freezing my ass off since yesterday. Brian and CJ were picking on me because I wore my bathrobe outside OVER my clothes and a hoodie. Fuck it. My coat was in the van, and my bathrobe was right there. *shrug* All that time in Arizona killed whatever tolerance for cold weather I had.

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And since I didn't do anything for MMM or TT, I found something yesterday that covers both: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have moved to New Orleans. They've apparently bought a house in the French Quarter, and even enrolled their son in a N.O. school (a private one, obviously). So hey, [ profile] gracecat! If you're still heading down to the Mask Market on the 16th, you wanna go stalking with me? :p
Link about their move here:
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I HATE kidney infections! It especially sucks when you're not working with a full pair to begin with. Eh, it comes with the territory. I needed to cut back on the caffiene consumption anyway, it was starting to get out of hand again. I'm allowing myself one coffee in the morning (usually a bottled Frappucino - too hot for the conventional stuff) and one soda during the day. After that, nothing but water or juice. It's bad enough to deal with the pain of the kidney infection, but when you couple it with a headache from caffiene withdrawals....I was not a fun person to be around last night. Oh well, at least it was an excuse to drink the remainder of the six-pack of raspberry Smirnoffs I had. In the middle of a Wednesday. A bright point in an otherwise shitty situation. Yay! I found a bright spot in something! :p

Today was just kind of surreal. Work just flew by (because we took two hours for a "team building exercise". In other words, we had lunch catered and we played Family Feud for a couple of hours. It was a nice break. My dork-fu comes in quite handy in those situations. My team didn't win, but we were the most entertaining. I took a bow at one point and snapped back up so fast that my glasses actually *flew* right over the top of my head and hit my boss in the chest. Not hard to do, since Suzanne's tits are right at my eye level.

I also ended up having to do emergency surgery on my pants. I almost freaked out when I started to get up from my desk and I'd realized that the drawstring on my pants had broken. So I sat there for a moment and thought about it. Then I grabbed some tape, a pencil, a pair of scissors, and a binder clip and headed to the restroom. Armed only with those tools, a super-genius intellect, and a strong desire to NOT show my Supergirl thong panties to my co-workers, I got down to business. I am happy to report that my pants will live to see another workday.

I also went to Office Max on the way home and picked up a new printer/scanner/copier thing. I didn't want to go the all-in-one route, but upon looking at the prices, it was my best choice. The device itself was $90 (with a $30 rebate - WOOT). The ink cartridges for the printer I have are being discontinued, and they came up to almost $75 for just those. And seeing as how I was going to get a scanner anyway (those started at $80), I think I did pretty good. I have everything computer-wise that I could possibly need, with the exception of a nice tablet (give me time).

Now I get to spend the next few hours rearranging and setting up the new printer. Yay.


May. 12th, 2006 06:36 pm
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I got a call from my financial aid chick before I left work. I don't have to worry about paying a dime for school. Apparently I was brought up during some meeting (All the school officials were there), and they decided to give me a special grant to cover everything that my financial aid didn't cover. I was being left with a balance of nearly $23K, which would have to come from my own pocket, and obviously, I don't have.

So I went down and signed off on it today. Both Abigail (financial aid chick) and Summer (stalkery admissions chick) were there waiting for me, and they were squeeing over me. I was kind of in a goofy state of shocked, and I still am. I was told, though, that when I redo my FAFSA for next year, it could change a bit, so to be prepared, but that if I did have to make a tuition payment, it would be small (like less than $300). But, whenever they get my transcripts in (*grumbles* Slow-assed Kentucky.) I should qualify for a merit scholarship, which would further cover me. Basically, if you have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, you get it automatically. I had a 3.7. *beams*

This has to be one of the coolest things ever to happen to me. I can't stop grinning.
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Don't know what I was thinking, really, but a few weeks ago, I was bored and up at 3 am watching infomercials. This was before I had the internet back and could waste my money here. So I was watching this soul-sucking bit of tripe for a product called Turbo Jam, and being inundated with less than subtle messages that I am an obese tub of goo. I was weak. I called the damned number, and after being offered everything short of nirvana in pill form, I gave them my credit card number and ordered what I thought would be my salvation from the fat farm.
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So tired.

Apr. 27th, 2006 10:25 pm
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I never did finish those essays last night. Got them done at work in between paper shuffling. I think they came out ok. It's funny, I can write about all kinds of things about myself here, but answering specific personal questions for people I'll probably never see makes my mind draw a total blank.

Thankfully, my paycheck was deposited as usual, so I was able to buy caffeine, nicotine, and foodthings to survive the day with. And I bought a stuffed Rottweiler on my lunch break. It's all cute and full of fluffy stuffs. Reminds me of my dog Bernie. I saw a puppy at the mall over the weekend that looked just like him and I was squeeing over it and wanted it so bad. But there's no fucking way I'm paying $1,800 for a dog, much less one that I can't even get pedigreed (you have to buy directly from the breeder for that, and that's even MORE expensive).

Got the pain of the initial paperwork for school out of the way. I was a little rushed this morning and forgot my tax papers, so I have to take those with me next Saturday. I'm going back to finalize my financial aid stuff and for some placement testing so I can get out of having to take a few gen eds. And Summer (the admissions chick) tells me, AFTER she runs my credit card for the fees, that they don't do a full program for graphic design for evenings. THEN WHY THE FUCK IS IT AN OPTION ON THE APPLICATION?! She said that they do have enough classes in the evening to keep me occupied for at least a couple of quarters, though, so it shouldn't be that big of a problem. This is why I kind of wanted to do the online course from the get-go. No real problems with the scheduling that way.

So after the two and a half hours of forms and talks, and the barrage of information, I come home to find my box from Amazon sitting in my mailbox with my Advent Children dvd in it all shiny and new, and the Strangers in Paradise: Tomorrow Now trade. I need to pick up the other missing trades from my collection, which is now ALL OF THEM. I made the mistake of leaving all my collected editions with my brother when I moved to Louisiana. Now my entire runs of Sandman, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, and SiP are all gone. Not to mention all the other miscellaneous books that I spent years collecting.

I'd like to think that the footlocker I'd put them all in is still floating around in my Mom's apartment or in storage somewhere, but I very seriously doubt it. Mom and the sibs ended up moving out of the house we'd all gotten together. From what Mom told me, over the winter black mold had set up in the "flood room" in the basement and spread like wildfire, so they had no choice but to move. She lost a ton of stuff that she had stored down there, but thankfully, most everything upstairs was spared. She and Goober got a place together, and Beth and Brady got their own place. Beth and that poor boy are engaged now. I'm just hoping that they don't get married right away. I know Beth isn't mature enough for that, but I'm still hoping she'll reach an age of reason sometime soon.

My back is killing me, so I'm gonna go relax on the couch and watch the shiny happy FFVII goodness.
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I managed to get out of the house and go to my interviews. I still felt shitty for most of the morning. I went to my first interview at Alternative Staffing, and the interview went well, but then there were the tests. They had me do a typing test and an alpha-numeric data entry test. I did horrible on both. I had been feeling woozy all morning, and I just couldn't focus. Normally I can type about 50 words a minute without even trying, but I barely managed 30. And the data entry didn't go much better, since I ended up meshing two entries together. *smacks own forehead*

Went to Westaff, and it was pretty much the same procedure, only they didn't make me take any tests. Both places assured me that they could find something for me in about a week. I'm not going to count on that, so I'm going to be making some phone calls and sending out more resumes tomorrow. And the funny thing is, all the interviews I've gotten are from places I've applied to online. I haven't even gotten a call from any of the places I applied to at the mall. Oh well.
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I'm sick. I had a tickle in my throat when I went to bed, and about an hour or so later, I woke up choking (I had a nightmare that someone was choking me - it happens a lot). Only the glands in my throat felt swollen. I got a drink of water and went back to sleep. Woke up and felt worse. I'm pretty sure I've got a fever. I'll have to find the thermometer to make sure.

I probably wouldn't even be awake right now if I didn't have to get up and rid my body of fluids and slime. And CJ lost the keys to his desk cabinet at work, which also had the keys to his bike's locks, so I helped him look for those. Never did find them. He's afraid he might have accidentally knocked them into the trash he took out last night. Yay.

And we're broke until he gets paid, which sucks the big one. God I can't wait until that tax check comes in. We should be able to get a decent vehicle with that and have some cash left over to put in the bank. And I found out that Albertson's delievers groceries, and I can just go to their website and place the order there. Only problem with that is, the site sucks on my connection. So...poop. I was hoping to avoid spending money on a cab, but I've found a few stores that are a lot closer than Wal-Mart, so it might not be as bad this time.

I'm gonna go lie down and not move for the rest of the day if I can help it. I wish my Spongebob fleece blanket were about three times bigger. It's comfy, but it's just one of those little throws. Time to go rip the comforter off the bed.

ETA: Yep. 100.2. And it's probably going to get up to 110 outside, yet I'm in here bundled up like it's Feburary in Alaska.

ETA 2: CJ called just as I was about to fall asleep. He found his keys. He'd left them on his desk. *facepalm*


Jan. 12th, 2005 08:49 am
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I shouldn't be this tired this early in the morning. I've been up since about 3:30 am. Had to get up early to take CJ to work again, and this time, the kids were with us. I was so hoping that they wouldn't have a hard time getting going, but once they're up, they're up. The drive itself was fairly uneventful, which is a good thing. We stopped by Starbucks when we got back to town and got breakfast (coffee for me, hot cocoa for the kids, and muffins).

I want to go to sleep so bad right now, but I can't. I have to go over and get the kids signed up for daycare in an hour, and I have to stop by the office first and take care of something I forgot to do yesterday before I left. I don't know if I'll go in to work after getting the kids signed up or not. Depends on how it goes. I really just want to come home and fall over.

CJ was hoping that he wouldn't have to go back to the boat, and I really didn't want him to go. He put in a transfer to go shoreside so he could be home every night, because he's getting tired of being on the boat half the time. He's been doing it for over 3 years now, and it's a tough thing to deal with. Here's what he had to say about it this morning. If I could do something to get him off the boat, I'd do it. But we can't afford to make it on my paycheck alone.

I knew I should have kept that money fairy in the jar, but OH NO, mom said it was a firefly and needed to go outside with the rest of them. Stupid mom.
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I got the thing with my stuff taken care of. That's one less stress, but there's more that will be taking its place. I'm getting there. I'm not sure where "there" is, but it's around the bend. I hate all this transitional crap. I just want all my things in my house, with a phone on, a net connection going, and my car behind the house gassed up and able to go anywhere. One thing at a time. I'm even surprised at how much patience I have been able to sustain in the past month. Usually I'm so easily irritated at the little things that when something major comes along (i.e. my present living situation) I tend to flip out. Amazingly, I'm way too calm.

If all goes according to plan, I could have a phone (a mobile anyway) within a couple of weeks, and the car tagged and insured shortly after. The net is on the back burner, as it's not a necessity (well, it is but it isn't...a phone will suffice for now). When I know when my next day off is (probably not until next week, I had my day off for this week yesterday), I'm going to go get my stuff moved from Morehead to the house. I've managed to trick a couple of people with trucks into helping me get it all moved. Now I just need to make sure that they can do it when I have the time. Or if I can get the day off when they can, whichever. It's kind of handy that my brother makes the schedules, even in Lisa completely rearranges it later.

Speaking of which, I'm going to have to talk to him about getting a more regular schedule. I opened this morning, and I'm closing tomorrow night, and I'm supposed to be opening again on Thursday morning. What the fuck? I can't deal with that, at least not for long. I understand that this week we had two people on vacation, I just don't want that to become a regular thing. And I didn't sleep last night because Goob had Julie over and of course Steven showed up with a sidekick not long after. I'd stayed up a little later than I should have because Ashley and Tabby brought Goob home and I wanted to talk to them. Tabby clued me in on a good prepaid cell phone deal through CellularOne, and I could get it cheaper if I buy her old phone from her instead of paying nearly a hundred for a new one. I think it's 250 anytime minutes a month and unlimited nights and weekends, which would be damn handy. I never call anyone during the day anyway unless it's a necessity.

ANYWAY...other than all that, I'm ok. All right, I'm lying. I'm lonely as hell. I miss my poopy boy. And he'd better start answering his phone, or I'm going to start leaving some "interesting" messages on his voice mail! Heh.
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Well, I've been gone for a couple of weeks so I thought I should drop in and at least let everyone know I'm still alive. And I am, barely. I've been working at Little Caesar's since the beginning of the month, and that's going ok, even though my boss is my little brother. He's cool about it though, and I've made some new friends from it.

Don't know when I'll be back online at the house. Right now I'm a little upset over some bad news I got yesterday, and there's not a lot I can do about it really. Just replace, oh, EVERYTHING I FUCKING OWN. It never ends. And while I do appreciate my brother getting me the job, I'm going to find something else in the next month or so. I can't get by on that little paycheck, even though I worked 55 hours last week.

I want to go back to school, so badly, but right now it's just not happening. I need to take care of bills and kids and other stuff more...and I know if I could just get through to graduation, I could be doing so much better. *bangs head against wall*

I always have to do things the hard way, don't I?


Apr. 26th, 2004 01:44 pm
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Well, I'm not sure what to think. My mom just talked to me and my brother. I'd talked to him about getting an apartment together once before, even though I had my reservations about it. So basically mom told us that she would help us out with a security deposit, getting utilities turned on, etc, as long as we could come up with the first month's rent. That's not a problem. We've got enough between the two of us to do that. I'm just concerned because I'm still not working, so I'm kind of paranoid about that. I'm just hoping I can depend on Goob to do his part. I still don't have the car insured. So I'll need to get something done about that.

Then there's the whole thing about getting a phone going. And I'd really need to have one, or at least some sort of net connection. Maybe cable, if I could pull that off. One or the other. I just got so attached to Mario, and I'd hate to have to lose contact with him. I'd be really really upset over that. If it's just a temporary thing, I think we could both deal, but I wouldn't want to.

This has all just happened, so my mind's still kind of reeling from it all. I'm sure I'll get something figured out before too long, I just need some time to think.
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Well, I had a good half of the day, and now I'm having the dumb half. I was supposed to go to the doctor this afternoon, but the ditzy receptionist had written down one date on the card she gave me and another date in the schedule. So while I had this little business card saying I had an appointment on Friday the 19th, this dumbass had me down for yesterday, the 18th. So now I have to go on Monday after my interview, or wait till next month. Bleh.

So the kids' dad came and got them for a couple hours to take them over to his mother's. I kind of wish he'd take them for the weekend, but I doubt he will. He won't keep them on the weekend because that will get in the way of his party time. His excuse will probably be that "Sara has cramps," which he felt the need to tell me for no reason when he came to the door. *rolls eyes*

I edited my resume a little bit, because I realized I didn't have my software experience on there. I'll have to dig out something to wash for my interview, as anything other than winterslobwear is wrinkled all to hell. Although...*checks paycard account*...nope. Didn't get paid this week. I'm not sure if my last payday was my last payday. If there's nothing next Friday, then I'll know for sure. I've got about $100 coming from elsewhere, so maybe I can buy a few new decent threads for work. Don't worry, people, I'm not going corporate. Just a nice outfit to get the job, and then conform juuuuust enough to keep anyone from complaining.
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Thinking of starting my own webcomic. I've got all this webspace, and right now all it's useful for is hosting crappy pictures. Not to say that isn't handy, but I'd like to do more with it. And since I've gotten on a creative streak lately, it's not a bad idea. Need to draw more anyway. Haven't done much of anything in so long that it's a wonder I can still make stick figures.

The job is going well. I'm hoping to get more hours though, cause I'm not going to be able to do jack with the money I'm making now. Might have to hit the factories, as much as I dread that, it's more than I'm making at the video store. *sigh*

I get paid on Friday, so I'm gonna get some stuff to do my hair up with. Depending on how much I'm making, I may invest in an all-in-one scanner/copier/printer thing, since my printer sucks, and isn't even here. That and I need to pay off that storage building payment tout suite. Grr. Need money. Money money money. Money makes the world go greedy. But money keeps me fed. So money I must make.


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