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Well, my head's not pounding quite as much as it was. It's achy. I should probably go get some lunch soon, but food doesn't sound good at all. I should really just go home, but I've missed too much time at work as it is. I know if I asked, no one would argue, but I need the hours. And I have a monster zit on my forehead that looks like an off-center bindi. Damn I'm sexy.

Seems we have a random gifter in our midst, so whoever sent me the virtual granny panties....thanks? *laughs* I needed a little something weird today.

I got something weird in the mail yesterday. The state health department sent these huge booklets out on how to deal with a flu pandemic. *insert wtf face here* It spoke about avian flu a lot. Like there's a flupocalypse that's descending upon us or something. If there is, I wouldn't know, I don't really watch the news.
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[ profile] goth_macros

Go. Love. Laugh your ass off.

Moo Cards

Jun. 6th, 2007 06:33 pm
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So when I got home on Monday, I had an envelope from London waiting for me. I love getting mail, especially from outside the country. *grins*

You probably saw something about it on the LJ home page a while ago (before the whole Strikethrough 2007 affair). They make these nifty little minicards out of images from your LJ Scrapbook (if you have one) or you can just have text. You can put a couple of lines of text, your LJ url, your email, whatever you want, really. And the best part is that they're free. Yes, absolutely free, no shipping charges or anything. Of course, it's not like you get a ton of them for free, just ten, but they're still pretty damn cool. And if you like the way they turn out, you can order 100 for $19.95. Not bad at all, really.

Here's what mine look like: )

Pretty cool huh? Why don't you mosey on over to [ profile] moocards and see about getting some for yourself? They'd be a cool little addition to the journal we have going around, for example. Or we could just trade them or something. :)
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Ew, not like that. Like this! Go to this link and sign my LJ yearbook. Post your link and I'll do the same. :D
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I guess with all the restoring of suspended accounts, there was a glitch of some kind. I couldn't get to LJ since I made my last post.

Yeah, it's a slow day at work. I think I was about to wear out my F5 button. *snort*


May. 31st, 2007 12:53 am
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I've sat here for the last hour or so perusing through the journals, communities, news sites and other blogs posting about the permanent suspension of what looks like hundreds of individuals and communities. I was pretty neutral on the issue at first, though now it seems my rant from this morning was a bit premature.

We haven't been graced with an "official" statement from LJ about all of this. You can find links about the whole mess just about everywhere, but [ profile] innocence_jihad seems to be the best source I've found. And it's also where I found this:

Barak Berkowitz, chairman and chief executive of Six Apart did a phone interview with CNet where he said this:

"Our decision here was not based on pure legal issues," countered Six Apart's Berkowitz. "It was based on what community we want to build and what we think is appropriate within that community and what's not. We have an awful broad range of discussions and topics and other things going on in LiveJournal, and we encourage other broad-ranging conversations on all sorts of topics. This was a specific case where we felt there was not a reason (for these journals to stay online)."
(Bold emphasis was mine)

Hold up here. I've had this journal going on for four years now, long before Six Apart was part of the equation. I have two paid accounts, one with the extra icon addition. I have bought paid time for friends, and I've purchased several V-Gifts. I've probably spent somewhere between $200-300 on LJ goods and services since I started my account. I am a paying customer, and I'm paying for the ability to post my views on this site.

I never knew that I was paying to help Six Apart decide what was appropriate for me to post. Furthermore, what is this "community we want to build" horseshit? There was a community here long before Six Apart purchased LiveJournal. And thanks to this hamfisted approach to what could have been a quiet removal of a few really sick fucks has resulted in dozens of innocent individuals and communities being suspended.

I want an official explanation for this. I want LJ/SA to acknowledge their fuckups and to restore the journals and communities that were unjustly suspended, especially the abuse support groups. That was just senseless.

It really irritates me that I just renewed my account for another year last week. Had this happened before I had done that, I might not have. I'm going to wait and watch and see what happens. At first I was indifferent to the whole thing, because hey, I'm not a pedophile, and my posts and interests aren't likely get me swept up in the whole mess. Not yet anyway. When will the apparently panic-induced suspension spree be expanded to include other things that aren't a part of the community LJ/SA wants to build? That's what worries me.

Anyway. I'm letting it lie for now. See where it goes. For now, I need sleep.
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I'm a member of waaaay too many communities. So many that I had to set up a separate page so my friends' posts wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. Anyway, I get a good variety of things to read when I need a brain break from work. I'm thinking I need to take some time to reorganize, add and delete some things from the list.

Over on [ profile] kissmyass_cosmo, there is a post discussing this article:

Grrrrrl Powah! )
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If I was chatting with anyone last night and I suddenly disappeared, I apologize. I had about 15 chat windows pop up on me at once, it crashed Trillian, and I gave up on it for the night. I think I'm going to be cutting my time very short on chats in the future. It's not that I don't like talking to people, but my chat friend list is fucking huge. I've got over a hundred people on my Trillian list (combination of everyone from MSN, Yahoo, and AIM). And while I don't really talk to most of them, it seemed like last night everyone was wanting to talk to me. I don't know why.

And for fuck's sake, I don't really feel like being pulled into a 20-person group chat the second I pop online. Y'know, you could ASK me if I want to join in first. I think that's only fair. There may be one or two specific people I want or need to talk to. I'll probably just set myself to permanently invisible for a while, cause I can't deal with that.

Oh, and Annette, I'm sorry I bailed on you, but when Trillian crashed, it took down Firefox with it (I don't have Google IM proper, just the in-brower Gmail thingie).

Eyes are burny again. I think I'm gonna have to make a trip to the after-hours clinic and see if they can't give me something. I wish Benny would get on the ball about getting me all my paperwork and getting it done so my insurance would kick in. It's not entirely his fault, but he has more power than I do to get this shit accomplished. Hopefully when he gets back on Monday I can pester him some more about it.

In other news, I changed my layout. I found this one on [ profile] premade_ljs. I tweaked it a bit though. The text sizes were tiny, and the layout was too skinny. I really should make an effort to learn more about HTML and CSS. I can look at it, and through trial and error, make little adjustments, but I can't write it.

How cute!

Sep. 21st, 2004 05:50 pm
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[profile] dextradawn

Want one?

Name Icon Thingy Here
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Hmm...lemme see here...
[ profile] 13th_chylde
[ profile] nomadicdragon
[ profile] dreamfairyhel
[ profile] earthchild71
[ profile] hoping4serenity
[ profile] indigoskynet
Warren Ellis
[ profile] mudweed
[ profile] phoenix_blue
[ profile] psycheague
[ profile] raven_windsong
[ profile] sapphirevampire
Jen (the sequel)
[ profile] wandereringray

There are a couple that my sleep-fogged brain knows the real names for, but forgot. And there are a couple that if I even THOUGHT of posting their real names would absolutely kill me, so I'm being good. ;)


May. 22nd, 2004 02:42 pm
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I am completely without motivation today. I need to start packing up, but I suddenly find myself without the energy to do so. I feel like doing something, I just don't know what yet. I had some good thoughts running through my head that I wanted to get down before I went to sleep, but didn't. I was in that nice deep meditative state right before dropping into sleep. That's when I do my best thinking, and it's rare that I get that kind of peace anymore. Hopefully I'll have more time for peace and quiet in the new place.

I'm going to attempt to change the whole look of my journal (again). Thanks to [ profile] sylent_rayne, I've got the information I need to do it. Now I just need to get a graphic ready for the background. I was thinking of using a piece of my own art, I just don't know which yet. I'm open to suggestions. I've got some of the pieces I'm considering up in my DeviantArt gallery, I'm just undecided as to which one. I was thinking of using either the lilies with a green color scheme or Bettie with a maroon and grey scheme. I'll play around with that later tonight, see what I can accomplish. So if my journal looks like pure crap for a while, someone pleeease help me out.

Gah, what is up with me today? I can't concentrate for shit. I keep spacing out. Right. I've got to get packing up and doing something. Can't sit here all day.
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I'm trying something different with layouts. One of these days I'm going to get a paid account so I can do more with this because the free layouts suck ass.


Apr. 20th, 2004 11:15 am
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My grogginess that seems to prevail during most of the morning hours makes for some serious funny sometimes.
On the subject of screen names that contain the letter "x"....

Jim: Boltex. For all your bolt needs.

Me: Ugh. That word makes me think of a mechanical tampon. What the fuck is wrong with me today? I need more coffee.

Jim: (laughing) I just spat cheese all over my computer...

Me: Then my purpose for living is complete!

Jim: Yeah, baby!

On another note, I edited my friends list a bit, and deleted a few off there. I doubt anyone that got deleted really cares, since most of them are dead LJs anyway, or groups that have no purpose. But I have added a few people in the past couple of days, so HI THERE!
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Yoinked this from my little-big-brother, [ profile] __black__sheep_, the Red Yeti himself.

Bow down to your mistress )

Wandered over to Winchester to hit the employment agencies. Kelly had nothing, for the third time. ServPro said they were in the "middle of negotiations with a few employers," which means "We gots nothin' for ya, chickie, move along." So...I was going to console myself by taking in a matinee, when I found CBS (another employment agency) in between Peebles and Dawahares.

Ok, yeah, I was shopping. Bite me, it was a long day.

I have an interview there in the morning, so hopefully, they might be able to send me somewhere. Please, dear Goddess, smite these people if they don't get me a job. Or give me a giant Q-tip like they had in American Gladiators so I can go do it myself. That way, when they arrest me, I'll scream something about the evil invisible earwax and be able to get out of assault charges due to insanity.

Joey has begun referring to herself in the third person. I blame Cartoon Network for this. One of their new cartoons, Mucha Lucha, has this little luchadore dude called The Flea that has this same problem. ANYway..."The Joey" has informed me that she will not answer to anything BUT "The Joey." And when we were in Wal-Mart getting groceries earlier this evening, she was saying things such as:

"The Joey does not like these veggables. The Joey demands cookies."

And then she went on to claim the lobster tank in the name of Spain. My mom says she's exactly like me, in every way. I don't see it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, The Dextra must go conquer a pie in the name of Sedna.
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dextradawn's Friend Fusion
...actions, words, threats, or anything of the sort will be made against each other. If anything of the nature is taken, ...i'm waiting for it to happen no matter how much reassurance i get. Its probably just me being insecure, having trust ...places they can't find on maps for reasons that defeat understanding. Wars freeze time, in McKenna's view. The reality is more ...defense I won't hesitate, Got a job to do but Darth's the guy that delegates, Got something against Skywalker someone he ...could do until I talked to him, and I didn't get to really talk to him until he got home last ...tolerable. In fact the last two weeks have been pretty relaxing. The restricted duties mean I'm out of here after 8 ...and I'm still on LJ. Y'all know where to find me. Peace. Fear the pussy! FEAR I SAY! ... nice weather the end. Sometimes you just want to get away, so you seek refuge in the forest where you can have ...belivable. Drea: *dying more kthnx* Drunken Bob: MEL SCARRED <E Drunken Bob: TELL HER Drea: HAHA!! I will. Drea: I will ...links about it. And do not fucking push your luck. Also, we don't give a rat's ass about a random list ...
Make your own LJ Friend Fusion

LJ Friend Fusion by [ profile] hutta
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Best apology letter EVAH:
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Found this wonderful little track while perusing my friend's journals. It was made by [ profile] deathboy featuring my favorite insane writer and yours, Mr. Warren Ellis ([ profile] mistersleepless).

According to Warren, he made the recording on his mobile phone, and deathboy did the rest. I've been diggin' on this for about an hour now. :D

If the link doesn't show, it's in both of the above journals. I still haven't gotten the hang of LJ code. *hangs head in shame*
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New year, new look. I'm still kind of iffy on this, but it looks a lot better than what I did have. I still may tweak it in the coming days. Suggestions would be appreciated. Stupid criticism will result in maiming.
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I finally decided to download this Semagic client so that I can be even more lazy about my entries. Insomnia makes you want to do things that you'd otherwise not give 2 shits about. Like before I finally managed to grab some sleep, I set AOL 9.0 to download. I loathe AOL with an all consuming passion, but it's all I've got for now, so I might as well get as much out of it as I can, right?

I wish I could get someone to just knock the shit out of me around 11 o'clock so that way, I might get some sleep.
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Ok, I'm starting my new journal here. This is sort of a test. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep the old one at the site which shall remain nameless. I'll just have to see how well I like this first. And if no one likes the color scheme, deal with it until I get it adjusted. It's nearly 3 am and my insomnia's finally starting to wear off. I'll play with this more tomorrow.


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