Apr. 16th, 2008 03:17 pm
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Just finished up my second interview, and looks like I'm going to be starting my training on Monday. *grins*

Now unless the bank calls me back with a better offer, I'm going to stick with this. Like I said before, I really like the freedom of this job. It's not an easy job, but y'all know me. I just can't resist a challenge. It's kind of scary, jumping into something like this feet first. But I find that lately, I'm getting braver all the time. :)

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Apr. 16th, 2008 12:22 am
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I thought for sure this sinus ick was allergy related. I took my Claritin hours ago, and not only has the ick not gone away, now I've got this lovely sore throat to go along with it. I hate being sick. And I don't get colds that often, so they really work me over when I do.

Thankfully, the only thing I have on the schedule tomorrow is a phone interview at around 3. I'm hoping that goes well. If I not, then I hope I hear from the bank on Friday. EDS isn't a bad company to work for, but it's so dull. And Prodigy (the phone interview) is a good company as well, but the job is infinitely better. Here's the job description.

I really like the self-starting aspect of the job. And what I really like about it is it's very enterpreneurial. I like it when I'm able to work alone, or at least be given the chance to do so. What I loathe about the call center environment is that it feels like a factory, almost. My first "real" full time job was in a power tool factory. It sucked balls. I just hate it when I'm in a job where I'm being overly supervised, as if I'm too damn stupid to figure things out for myself.

But anyway, I like the freedom and flexibility of it. And the pay is pretty damn good too. Better than most other jobs I've been going for.

Ugh. my brain is getting sick-stupid. I'm gonna curl up on the couch, drink some tea and watch a movie or something. My head's too congested for me to lie down. Maybe I've got some NyQuil around here somewhere. I might not be able to sleep, but at least I'll be able to breathe.
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Anway...I now have a tiny little BALD PATCH on the back of my head. Thankfully no one else will be able to tell but me. But I KNOW. And that's bad enough.

I stopped by and saw my mom on the way back home. She looked pretty miserable. Of course, she'd just woken up, and she's worse than I am about that sort of thing. For the record, it's generally not safe to even gaze in my direction until I've got a cup of something caffienated in my hand.

She has an appointment next Thursday to...do something. She didn't know what it was called. All she knows is that they're gonna shove a tube down her throat and take some tissue samples for biopsy. I'm hoping for the best. It's really all I can do.

Think I'm gonna go drag that table out to the back porch and start painting while I've still got some daylight left.
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I have no motivation this morning. And my stomach is being all weird and hurty. I have to get moving and head to Winchester in a little bit. I have to go give them some hair. And as soon as I dye my hair, I'm gonna go do just that.

I think I'm about 1/4 of the way done with Wonder Woman. I'm about 3/4 done with Cory's tattoo. And I haven't gotten to touch the Superman table in days because it's been raining for 3 days now. I can't paint it inside due to all the fumes from the spray paint, or I'd have just done it in here. But since it looks like it's going to be happiness and sunshine on the forecast for the next few days, I might actually get that sucker done before the week's out. And then I can move on to other shiny things.

Rice Krispie treats are good for breakfast, right? I'm too damn groggy to even put waffles in the toaster.

I found a couple of neat things to download last night and I couldn't sleep until they finished so I could listen to the music for a bit. I found a huge collection of cover songs, which I have an odd fascination for. Also, the soundtrack to Death Proof. I really just wanted "Down in Mexico" by The Coasters (if you've seen the movie, it's from the lapdance scene). Anyway, I like that song. Can't hear it without my hips wanting to go into swirly mode. And the one song I was really wanting? Can't find the damn thing. I may have to break down and hit iTunes for that one.

Back to the job thing, though, once I go give them my hair sample (which is so 1984 to me - but I'm paranoid like that), then I'm good to start work on Monday. But it also means that I have a few more days to toss my line out and maybe do a couple more interviews. And I'm still hoping the bank calls me back by Friday. Because EDS is easy, if boring work, but the bank means I won't have to drive as far, and it's not quite as boring. I can see it being one of those jobs where half the day goes by before you even realize it.

*yawn* I really want to go back to bed. I was having such a nice dream.

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Edited because I hit the "post" button too fast.
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Today's been pretty good. Nothing to complain about, really, which is a nice thing. I went to Winchester to interview at EDS. Of course they offered me a job. The job is for Sprint! Which also owns Nextel, which I know way too damn much about. ACS is the company that has the customer care call center in Lexington. What they do in Winchester is the technical support line, mainly for Blackberries and Treos and such. So I wouldn't be dealing with people calling to scream "Why did you turn my damn phone off?!" Instead I'll get to hear "Why doesn't this damn phone work right?!"

Ah well. Could be worse. Call centers don't bother me, nor do screaming customers. I can sit and listen to it all day and not be affected by it, because I just remove myself from the situation and realize they're not yelling at me, per se, but rather at the company. I'm just the voice on the end of the line that represents it.

Although, as I was coming back from Winchester, I got a call from the US Bank branch here in town for an interview as a teller. I'm going over there tomorrow for that. If that works out, I'd rather take a job here closer to home to save on gas mileage. $3.35 a gallon my pasty white tattooed ass. Cost me $50 from a 1/4 tank to fill up this morning. Shenanigans, I say.

There was something I noticed and was rather creeped out by: )
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I just got a text from Gracie saying that she sent a stoned text message to someone with my old number talking about tits and Xanax. I LOL'D. :p

Also! I went to the meeting about the insurance sales job this morning and it looks promising so far. I got a call this afternoon requesting a second interview, so I get to go to Louisville (ugh) on Monday for that.

Tomorrow is the big comic convention, the first this sleepy little burg has ever seen. So I'm helping with that tonight and tomorrow. Sara, Justin and I just took a break for food, then we're going back down to pack up some more shit to take to the convention center in the morning.

Also, I punched a fifty year old man. To be fair, he deserved it.
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I promise. But for now, I can tell you that I have a job interview tomorrow. *crosses everything*

Right now I have to go cook dinner.


Nov. 27th, 2006 10:22 pm
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I have a job! It's not the Harley job, but hey, it's a paycheck and it's not retail. Honestly, I'm starting to lose hope on that one anyway.

Anyhow...I start tomorrow at a place called Bluewater. They have something to do with contracting and planning for offshore oil rigs. I met the half-dozen guys that work at the office this afternoon. I asked what kind of work they did there, since it wasn't really all that obvious, and one of them said "Work? Do we do that here?"

Doesn't look like there's much to the job, really. Benny, my boss, showed me my desk, and the phone, and the computer. He said I'd mostly be answering the phone, but it's not very busy, so he said he'd give me some little projects to do to fill up the day. So it seems pretty laid back, so I think this will be a good one. :)

Heroes was interesting tonight. I won't spoil anyone who hasn't seen it, but I just adore Hiro a little more every time I watch it. Just want to snuggle him to pieces.
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Went to only one interview today, at Tri-Universal. I want this job. I want it bad. And about 20 minutes after I left, they called me to schedule my second interview for Monday. Awesome.

I actually wore a skirt. And heels. And somewhere deep down inside, my inner butch died a little. And I realized that I seriously need some insoles for those shoes. Vinyl insoles = me feeling like I'm walking around in my own personal slip n' slides. Which made them rub the tops of my feet and the backs of my ankles nearly raw. Ouch. When I finally got home and took my shoes off, I let out this cry of relief that sounded painful and orgasmic at the same time.

On the way home, though, the bus stopped at the Metro Center Mall, and about 15 kids and their handlers got on. They all had sticks. They were blind. Or at least some of them were. Most of them were just partially blind, or just had really poor vision, because they were wearing glasses. I'm sitting directly across from the back door of the bus, on one of those three-seater benches. The next thing I know, I'm surrounded by all these kids. The handlers put two little boys right next to me on the bench. I offered to move so that one of the handlers could sit with the children (so I wouldn't have to). They said I was fine, so I didn't move. I didn't want to be rude.

Bus takes off, and before we even get to the next stop light, I feel something on my thigh. I look down, and I see this little boy's hand on my knee. And he's staring straight ahead grinning like a shit-eating possum. I just jumped up and bolted toward the front of the bus and found a seat to myself. I wanted to scream at the kid and his handlers, but how the hell would that have sounded? "Hey! This little, blind, can't be a day over 10 year old boy tried to molest me!" Yeah, they would just loooove to hear me tell that again as they put me in handcuffs and shove me into the back of a police car.


I think I need a shower now.
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I'm not going anywhere today. I was hoping that I would get over it, but I'm just as bad off today as I was yesterday. Now my voice is completely gone. I just hope I don't have strep throat. I don't think I have a fever now. It kept coming back whenever the Day-Quil would wear off. Last night after CJ came home, I think it finally broke, because I was sweating like a pig for a couple of hours. I emailed the companies I was supposed to go to later, and I hope they'll let me reschedule. One I think will, the other two, I don't know. Not exactly the best first impression.

I've got my tea, and some toast that I'm going to attempt to choke down. The only thing I managed yesterday was half a sandwich and a couple of frozen fruit bars, and I lost the sandwich about an hour after I ate it. So I'm kinda woozy now. I'd lie down, but that's all I've done for the past 24 hours. I'm tired of it. My house is a wreck, but I don't have the strength to clean. CJ doesn't have the time, so I guess those dishes will just have to wait.


Sep. 30th, 2004 06:43 pm
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Yesterday was strange. And today's still a bit weird. The boss came by to talk to me and Goob last night. And I could tell Goob was nervous before she got there, because he had everyone cleaing like crazy and he was pacing even worse than usual. So when she showed up, I was already in the back doing some paperwork. She wanted to talk to me first. And I was frantically searching my mind for something I may have done that would have gotten me in trouble, like locking the door a half hour early on Sunday night. But that wasn't it.

Apparently, some blabber-mouthed fuckwad told Lisa about me leaving before I had a chance to. I had just put my resignation letter in the safe along with the schedule. So she was asking me when my last day was going to be, and I told her, and asked her what she was going to do for management after I was gone. This is when things got bad. She said she was going to bring in a new (old) manager named Kurt. He had worked there for about 5 years with her when she was still working in the store. Not only that, but she was going to knock Goob down to assistant manager. I asked if my leaving brought all this on, and she said yes and no. She was going to bring Kurt on anyway. And she was going to demote Goob to assistant. And me, I asked? I would still be co-manager.


I told her I couldn't do that. If she were to leave me as manager and knock my brother down, I would have to quit. I couldn't do that to him. He had been there for so long. She said she was afraid of that, so hearing from me that I would be leaving was a relief. It hurt a bit. I'm glad she has faith in my ability to do my job, but it hurt me to know she thought Goob couldn't do his. But she was right about her main point. He's too soft-hearted. He doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Friday night was homecoming night, and he let everyone go at 9 so that they could go to the dance. So that left him and James there by themselves. He even called her to ask if she could help them close up. Lisa is not a well person. She's constantly living a hair away from a stroke or heart attack. That was dumb on his part. But he is so afraid of making anyone mad at him that he buckles like a belt. I, on the other hand, have no problem with this.

So she told me first, and I really didn't want to know that. She said that for the next couple of weeks, he and I could remain managers, and Kurt was going to start on October 11th. So she talked to me about my leaving, asked what I was going to do, if I was happy, and all that. But I was still reeling from the news. Goob loves his job. Being the manager was everything to him. And when I was made co-manager, I felt bad because he seemed so hurt by it. He kept asking Lisa if he was still head manager. He wasn't really upset with me. He said that if anyone was going to do it, he was glad it was me.

So I had to go back up front and tell him that Lisa wanted to talk to him. I tried to listen while I was running around up there, but I only caught bits of the conversation. I could tell he was really upset. She called me back there to try to explain it to him and smooth things over to where he wouldn't be so upset, but I don't know what I could have said or done to make him feel any better.

We're still going to be on salary until Kurt starts. And then we'll be back on hourly, with less hours. I'm not even going to be management at all my last couple of weeks. So that is going to completely screw me over. As it is, after I pay my rent, I'll have $50 to my name. I'm not going to be able to do this, not without a fucking windfall of some sort. Of course, she didn't bother to tell us about all this until AFTER I put in my resignation. *bangs head on spiked wall*
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One of the best and worst things about my job is having to make the employee schedule. This is a good thing because it allows me to make my own hours. Although, my brother was the one making it before me, so I got my schedule made right, anyway. But the bad thing is having to make everyone's schedule work. I have to make sure all the crucial times are covered, no one is left short-handed, and everyone gets their requested days off. This is proving to be a major bitch this time around.

Next Friday we're due to have a corporate inspection. A guy from the corporate office is supposed to show up and see how the store is running, and more importantly, how well the employees are performing. AND, on the same day, I have 4 people asking for the night off. They're all in high school and they're wanting to go to the homecoming dance. Understandable, but, we've lost a few employees over the past few weeks, and I don't think I have enough people to cover a Friday night and let them all have the night off. Matter of fact, I know I don't. And on top of that, I'm due to turn this in to my boss in about eight hours. Yipee!

So I've been procrastinating horribly. Last night I spent it talking to a friend of mine about a project we've been working on, and hopefully by next week something good will come out of it (fingers and toes crossed), and spent sometime on the phone. Same thing tonight. I want to get it over with, but I'm stuck when it comes to Friday. I mean, I could probably let 2 of them off and still have everything run ok, but all four? No way. I'd be fucked. And I hate working on Friday and Saturday. Sometimes I don't get out of there until nearly 2 am because cleaning up the chaos of the night takes for-fucking-ever.

And yet, while I should be buckling down and getting this shit over with, I'm sitting here typing and whining about how hard this is. Yeah, THAT'LL help.
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I have returned. Now let me just launch right into how my day went.

It started with me nearly having one of my (now former) employees arrested. This guy, who shall remain nameless, had been slacking off and neglecting his duties for quite a while. So much so that my boss told me that the next time he fucked up, fire him. He's been written up countless times. I wrote him up last week for leaving in the middle of his shift to go shoe shopping, of all things. So today, I go in, and remind him that there is a meeting in the morning at 9 am. He tells me that he's not coming to a meeting on his day off. So I tell him that if he's not there, he could be written up, or worse. Emphasis on "or worse."

From that point, he just starts raging about how he is sick and tired of the store and everyone in it. I've heard this rant before, and I told him the same thing I've told him in the past. If he doesn't like it, leave. No one is chaining him down there, and I personally don't want to listen to him bitch constantly. So...he starts saying "Fuck Lisa [the owner], fuck everyone that works here, fuck this shit!" To which I replied, "Well, if that's truly how you feel, then you can just get your shit and go on home, you're fired. Oh, and by the way, fuck you too."

I've known this guy for a while, and I know he has a tendency to act like a pissy little kid when he doesn't get his way. But I wasn't prepared for him to start hurling pans at me, which he did. The other person there and I were ducking pans for a few seconds, and I ran up to the phones, and told him that he needed to leave, or I was calling the police. He stopped and walked up to me and just glared at me for a minute with his fists balled up. The girl in the back was asking him to just please leave and not do anything stupid. I already had my hand in my pocket and around my knife (it's always with me). I told him that he should just be smart and leave. He punched the wall behind him and left.

Now, I'm pretty confident in my abilities to take care of myself in a situation like that, but that shook me up something fierce. He's quite a bit bigger than me and if he hit me, it would have fucked me up pretty bad. From now on, I'm going to have someone that could back me up around when that situation arises again. I'm not getting paid enough to be threatened like that. And once he left, I called my boss and told her that. She apologized and said that she wouldn't make me do that again without some kind of backup. And she gave me the rest of the day off, but that would have left one person in the store, so I stayed.

And people wonder why I never leave the house unarmed.
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Well, I thought I should throw a few words this way so that people don't think I've fallen off the face of the planet. I'm still working my ass (of which there is considerably less these days) off for the pizza pit. I'm working about 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, so there isn't much time for anything else really. I come home, pop in a movie and collapse on the couch. Then I wake up and do that all over again. I'm really relating to Clerks a little too well. I'm thinking of making that as recommended viewing for all new employees, so that they know what to expect. The boss says no, but I'll make her come around. The woman adores me for some reason.

Let's see, what's new....I got a raise about a week ago, and that was kind of nice. Not a fortune, but every little bit helps. I've finally gotten a bit more furniture in the house, and that is fucking awesome. And I had a visitor a couple of weeks ago, that I thought I might never see again. Not a bad few weeks, actually. And I've got some ideas and plans in the works. Those are remaining top secret for the time being, until the details get worked out. I'll give full details when I feel I'm at liberty to do so.

For now, I'm-a gonna go home, drink some beer, and watch the new Invader Zim dvd I picked up yesterday.

In the meantime, Jen (Avalon), expect a letter in the next week or so.

Drew, call me at work, I'm always there. If by some chance I'm not, leave me a message and I'll call ya back.
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I'm so tired I want to just fall over. And my hand is hurting really bad now. I hit it earlier at work and didn't think much of it. Then it went numb. And now the middle knuckle on my left hand is throbbing. I'm not sure, but I think I might have gotten more than just a bruise there. *sigh* It never ends.

I just got off work about an hour ago. I went in this morning at about 8:30 this morning. I didn't leave until almost 7:30. And this is after I closed the store last night. I opened again this morning. I swear, I will quit if Tabatha takes another vacation while I'm working there. I already told her when I come up for vacation time, I'm taking off during Court Days. I worked about 60 hours this week, and I am hurting. I haven't had time to do anything but sleep and shower. And I'm sick of it. Not of working, but working my fingers to the bone for as little as I'm making. And this kind of work was not meant for me. I swear, I was so close to just cursing the lot of em out and throwing flour at them all.

And I'm surrounded by idiots. I swear, I wonder how these mental midgets manage to spell their names. And the ones that aren't stupid are lazy. Tabatha and Chad actually have brains. But they're lazy as three-toed sloths. Britnee and Ashley are just stupid. Britnee, well, she's more of a slut. I swear she's fucked at least 15 different guys just since I've been working there (about 3 months). And she's on the prowl for a new one as I type. Ashley is just bloody stupid. This kid just turned 18, and now she's trying to get pregnant. She's convinced that she has to have a baby, so much so that she and her boyfriend have agreed that if she can't get pregnant with him, she's going to use a friend of theirs to get the job done. *shakes head* Children.

I'm taking at least a couple of days off the week after next. I need it. I haven't had more than one day off a week in the longest time. And this is the first Saturday night I've had off since I started working there. Granted, I worked nearly 11 hours today, but I guess it counts. Although, Monday I'm going around to a few places to find something else. I'm not making enough to put up with this shit. Couple more dollars an hour, and I'd think about it. And if Lisa doesn't give me another raise (like she said she would) then I'm on to better things.

And I'm lonley as hell. Idiotic chatter from the peanut gallery notwithstanding, I just don't have anyone around to talk to. I still don't have net access at the house (I'm going to pester Goober until he gets it, I'm tired of not having it), still no phone, and this week made my money go bye-bye as soon as I got it, so I didn't even have five bucks to buy a phone card (since I tend to make long-distance calls at work). I just miss being able to hold an intelligent conversation with someone. I guess I've just had a lot on my mind, and no one around I feel I can talk to about it. No one that would understand, really. Just old confusing thoughts and feelings I thought were long gone starting to seep into my mind, and I'm not sure what to think about them.

*sigh* Anyway...

Of all the people I could have run into today, I ran into that freak Potter. He'd been in jail for a few months (due to a bunch of dickheads that shall remain nameless). So he's out finally, and I was shocked as shit to see him. I almost didn't recognize him without the five pounds of silver he usually had in his ears. He was asking about the whereabouts of the unnamed dickheads, but they've all but disappeared. One fucked off to New Orleans and another got married and disappeared with his new wife to New Jersey, I believe. The other two are just plain missing. But, he's out now, and hopefully, he'll get his life back together.

Right. Enough rambling. Hopefully next time I post I'll have something better to say.
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Let's see, what's new? Not much really. Still working my ass (which I've noticed I have less of lately) off at Little Caesar's, but now I'm a manager. So that means I get to yell at shiftless layabouts and get paid for it. Makes me miss Bottalk now that I think about it. Heh.

I have furniture in the house now, including a nice little (well, I shouldn't say little, it takes up half the damn living room) recliner sofa. I got it from Kevin. I had a copy of Kingdom Hearts, and no PS2 anymore, so I said I'd sell it to him for $15. He calls me at work later that night and said he had a sofa for me if I'd rather make a trade, so I said if he'd get it to my house, I'd take it. When I got home that night, big blue sofa on my back porch. Only problem with that is that it wouldn't fit in the back door. So I had to wait a couple of days for him and Trusty to come over and haul it around to the front and get it in the house. The fucker is HEAVY.

I've been working so much that I haven't really had time to do anything else. There's a lot of people I miss talking to, and when I am alone at home, the silence is deafening. Good thing I've got a lot of music to drown out THAT particular sound. I'm thinking that after I get the bills paid at the first of the month I'm going to look at getting the cable (with net service) hooked up. Kevin had told me about a broadband phone company, so I might take a look at that.

Not much else to talk about, that's of any interest to anyone but me. But I will say this. Love is like rain, you never know when it will begin or end. Well, looks like the sky has cleared up again. This is what I get for trusting people. Should have known better.
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I got the thing with my stuff taken care of. That's one less stress, but there's more that will be taking its place. I'm getting there. I'm not sure where "there" is, but it's around the bend. I hate all this transitional crap. I just want all my things in my house, with a phone on, a net connection going, and my car behind the house gassed up and able to go anywhere. One thing at a time. I'm even surprised at how much patience I have been able to sustain in the past month. Usually I'm so easily irritated at the little things that when something major comes along (i.e. my present living situation) I tend to flip out. Amazingly, I'm way too calm.

If all goes according to plan, I could have a phone (a mobile anyway) within a couple of weeks, and the car tagged and insured shortly after. The net is on the back burner, as it's not a necessity (well, it is but it isn't...a phone will suffice for now). When I know when my next day off is (probably not until next week, I had my day off for this week yesterday), I'm going to go get my stuff moved from Morehead to the house. I've managed to trick a couple of people with trucks into helping me get it all moved. Now I just need to make sure that they can do it when I have the time. Or if I can get the day off when they can, whichever. It's kind of handy that my brother makes the schedules, even in Lisa completely rearranges it later.

Speaking of which, I'm going to have to talk to him about getting a more regular schedule. I opened this morning, and I'm closing tomorrow night, and I'm supposed to be opening again on Thursday morning. What the fuck? I can't deal with that, at least not for long. I understand that this week we had two people on vacation, I just don't want that to become a regular thing. And I didn't sleep last night because Goob had Julie over and of course Steven showed up with a sidekick not long after. I'd stayed up a little later than I should have because Ashley and Tabby brought Goob home and I wanted to talk to them. Tabby clued me in on a good prepaid cell phone deal through CellularOne, and I could get it cheaper if I buy her old phone from her instead of paying nearly a hundred for a new one. I think it's 250 anytime minutes a month and unlimited nights and weekends, which would be damn handy. I never call anyone during the day anyway unless it's a necessity.

ANYWAY...other than all that, I'm ok. All right, I'm lying. I'm lonely as hell. I miss my poopy boy. And he'd better start answering his phone, or I'm going to start leaving some "interesting" messages on his voice mail! Heh.
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Well, I've been gone for a couple of weeks so I thought I should drop in and at least let everyone know I'm still alive. And I am, barely. I've been working at Little Caesar's since the beginning of the month, and that's going ok, even though my boss is my little brother. He's cool about it though, and I've made some new friends from it.

Don't know when I'll be back online at the house. Right now I'm a little upset over some bad news I got yesterday, and there's not a lot I can do about it really. Just replace, oh, EVERYTHING I FUCKING OWN. It never ends. And while I do appreciate my brother getting me the job, I'm going to find something else in the next month or so. I can't get by on that little paycheck, even though I worked 55 hours last week.

I want to go back to school, so badly, but right now it's just not happening. I need to take care of bills and kids and other stuff more...and I know if I could just get through to graduation, I could be doing so much better. *bangs head against wall*

I always have to do things the hard way, don't I?
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I'm staying here one more night because the rain has made it impossible to do any more moving tonight. And it's nearly midnight, so I'm fucking wiped out. My crazy mother was wanting to try to move a bed and a couch in the rain. I'm not a fan of soggy furniture. I'm just glad I decided not to take the computer, so I can at least spend one more night online before I have to go on my offline sabbatical. I've just been bumrushed into so much shit today it's not even funny. I didn't get as much accomplished as I'd hoped since I got such a late start.
Cut for longass babble )
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...or someone. Anything will do at this point, really. I was all set to go out job hunting, and then my granny calls me to tell me that I can't use her car, she has to take it into the shop because my retarded brother did something to it. She doesn't know what, but she said it's making a bad noise. Fantastic. Thank you so much, bro. Remind me to strangle you next time I see you.

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