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I've been pretty busy lately, even though I feel like I'm not doing anything. Right now it's quiet in the house. The kids are still asleep because they were up until nearly 2:30 in the morning being...well, kids. I downloaded a game on the PS3 featuring rubber ducks that you have to slide around a board covered in water in order to save all the little baby ducks. And in some cases, there are sharks. And then on the bonus rounds, you get to be the shark and eat as many little ducks as you can in under a minute. It's pretty bizarre. But we all got caught up in it until I realized how late it was.

Half of my bed is still in the living room. The box spring is a problem, because I don't think it's going to fit up the stairs. Bugger. And the headboard could fit up there, if I could just get the damned thing apart. The wrought iron insert will come out, but the problem is that there is ONE lousy screw that has a stripped head. So I'm going to have to figure out how to get that fixed. I know I can take a hacksaw and saw a straight groove across it and use a flathead on it after, but I haven't got a hacksaw, and I can never seem to remember to pick one up when I'm out. I guess I'll have to start writing shit down on the backs of my hands or something.

If I can just get a love seat, a kitchen table, and a bed for the kids, I'll be done with furniture for a long time. Good thing too. Because except for the couch and the tv stand, I have personally assembled every piece of furniture in the house. *flexes muscles* Funny, because I actually like doing that. It's a good feeling to see something that looks and works the way it's supposed to, and knowing that I built it with my own hands.

It seems like everyone's taken a bit of an LJ break. Winter doldrums, they be a beeyotch. Speaking of which, it is fucking COLD. Silly me, I've been living in Louisiana and Arizona for the most of the last four years. I thought I still knew what cold was. I was very wrong. Today it's going to be in the 30s. As that's as the high. Ack.

Well, the monkeys be a-stirrin', so I should probably get moving. We're supposed to go to the mall in Lexington later, and Critter and Pooka (aka Sara) are supposed to go with us, maybe. I still have to call and see if they still want to go.
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I've just been busy getting my house in order. It's a bit of a pain. Half of my bed is still in the living room due to a small problem with getting it all up the stairs. I'll have to dismantle my headboard a bit to get it up. The only problem there is that all of the screws holding the wrought iron panel on come out, except for one, and the head is stripped on it. *facepalm* So now I get to figure out how to get that apart.

I've not escaped injury with this move. No, I have a nice little golf-ball sized lump on my calf from dropping a shelf on it, and a pinched palm from a dvd rack. Fun. I nearly murdered Critter (kid's dad - I'll refer to him by that name from now on since I know too many people named Chris). He knocked over the bookshelf CJ's ashes sit on, and the urn went with it. Thankfully, the urn is metal and has a screw-top lid. So it was fine. The shelf...well, CJ decided it needed a dent in it.

I've still got a pile of shit to do. I did get my taxes done today, so that's one less thing. My big stresser now is getting a job. I just really need dental benefits. I need to get a couple of teeth removed before I cave my own fucking skull in. Shit ain't funny anymore.

Oh well. Back to cleaning.

I made it!

Feb. 2nd, 2008 09:36 am
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I finally got here. I love it. I got in last night, but I've been busy unloading things, obviously. I did take pictures of the house before I got too much stuff in here, so I'll probably upload those later tonight, depending on how long I can get away with mooching on the neighbor's wifi signal. So far so good, but...yeah.

The kids are killing each other, gotta go.
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...and I sit right down here when I get home. *snort*

Athena, I got your card. I love getting mail from you. It's always so pretty. :D

I have boxes to put the girls' Care Bears into so I can get those wrapped. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with Teresa and Rick's gift (it's a wine gift basket I got at World Market). I could probably just loosely wrap paper around it, but I know it'll tear on the trip. Grab another box from the office tomorrow, I guess.

Oh, who the hell are all these people from MysticWicks adding me on Facebook? And why? They're all people I don't know. I haven't posted on MW regularly in like three or four years. *shrug* Oh well. Not like I do much over there anyway except delete shit.

In lieu of anything else interesting to say, have some pictures.

Peekchurs undah hear )
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Taking the rest of the day off yesterday did me a lot of good. I went out for lunch with Dan and Mom, before Dan headed off for Hammond to deal with the tools.

Then I played the hell out of some Guitar Hero. I bought the new 80's edition last week, but didn't really get into it until yesterday. I cleared everything on Easy, now I'm working on Medium. So far, I've 5-starred everything, but I'm only a little past halfway through Medium. I can't remember if I have to clear Medium before I can buy additional songs, but if there's not any, I'll be so disappointed.

And I cleaned my bedroom. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but believe me, it is. Mom got a wild hair up her ass the other day and dragged Brian's Bowflex out of there and put it in the spare room. And the stair railing, which have been off the stairs since Brian moved out. I brought the kids' tv and dvd player in, and a shelf to sit them on. I finally put ALL my clothes away. I'm bad for that. I'll go and wash stuff at the laundromat and not even fold it. I'll just throw it all back in the hamper and bring it home, with the intent of putting it away, but I never quite get there.

I need to buy a new vacuum. The shitty little canister vacuum I bought at Big Lots a few months ago sucks ass (what do you expect for $30?), and I can't even find replacement bags for it. I tried to MacGuyver a similar-sized one into working, but it was just "off" enough to cause it to make horrible noises and start smoking. So...that wasn't good. I'll just have to deal with the dirty carpet until I get paid, that's all.


I just sneezed fourteen times in less than a minute. O_o
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Net problem fixed and furniture lamentations )

So I was thinking. I've got the video setup now, so I'm thinking about making a couple of video blogs or just weird videos in general. If I were to do something of that sort, what would you like to see me do? I will go ahead and give a general disclaimer stating that nudity and porn are NOT happening. :p
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That's the sound of my head bouncing off my desk. For some reason (and this is the kind of thing that could only happen first thing in the morning) the hot water in the bathtub won't shut off. I took a shower this morning, and the water turned off just like always. Then CJ took a shower and it went all screwy. He's home trying to fix it now. I had to convince him to do that. He was just going to go to work and leave the water running all day. O_o

I'm just glad that I'm at work so I don't have to listen to the water run. It was seriously stressing me out. Whoever said that running water is a calming sound never had to listen to a faucet that wouldn't shut off.

Just FYI

Jan. 19th, 2007 04:06 pm
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I'm not going to have teh intarwebs at home for a while, just here at work. Not a big thing, since I don't really get online much during the weekends, but just in case anyone needs to get in touch with me, they can email me (I have Gmail on my phone).

This of course means that Brian is finally getting his stuff out of the apartment (tomorrow) so I can get the house cleaned to my satisfaction. Yay! And I think his bachelor party is either tonight or tomorrow, so I'll get a night to myself to be able to get started on it. Next weekend we're going to go looking for some furniture. I need a couch. And we need a bed. CJ and I have been sharing a twin-sized bed since October. Yeah. It's not too bad most of the time, but at least a couple nights a week I get rolled out into the floor. It's up against the wall on one side, and I'm claustrophobic, happens.

In other good news, I'm getting three computers to bring home from work instead of two. Nothing really wrong with them (well, I think Butch's old one totally bit it), and what I don't want to keep I can use for parts. I think Jennifer was wanting to just leave all the parts Brian has piled up for me to have. That's fine. I can teach myself how to build them. Hell if they can, so can I. I might fuck up a couple of things, but that's part of the process.

Matter of fact, I think I'm going to look some stuff up before I leave. *goes*
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Man, orientation day sucks no matter what kind of school you go to. So, after I deal with the rent situation (more on that later), I fly off to school because according to the itinerary, I was supposed to take a computer proficiency class at 11:00. This is so I can test out of a computer basics class. I've been through those. "And this, students, is how you right-click a mouse...."
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Cause Internet Jesus informed us all what the 4th of July is really all about.

I need to imprint upon my brain that beer gives me headaches. Every fucking time. So no more of that. I'll stick to my White Russians from now on. We went over to Jen and Dan's for a cookout, and I was dumb enough to drink a couple of beers despite knowing the last few occasions of beer drinking have resulted in migraines. Other than the headache, it was a nice time. Jazlyn and Matt were there, too, and brought Samael, who is getting so big. That baby has so much hair! He's only five months old and has had three haircuts already. And he's so chubby, it's adorable. And of course I had to play five hundred games of peekaboo with Regan. Babies are so much fun when you're not the one who has to change diapers and all that mess. :p

My week is so messed up. I worked yesterday, have today off. I work tomorrow, and I have Thursday off for school orientation, then I work Friday. I swear, if I could have afforded to have done it, I would have taken the week off. It would have been nice, but I'll take a slowdown. I start classes on Monday, so I'm going to be pretty busy for the next three months. This is a good thing, because since we found out that CJ got the job at the Harley dealership, October can't seem to get here fast enough.

That's pretty much it for now. Oh, I have been trying to get a YouTube video to show up in a post, so if you've seen me post a couple of weird or blank posts, that would be why. I don't think I'm going to be able to get it to work tonight though. I know I've seen a couple of people in my communities that've managed to do it. I know it's something LJ was working on, but there's not been an announcement (that I know of) that it was now able to be done. If anyone knows how, I'd love to know. I'll drive y'all nuts with that shit. :p
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After all the work I did looking for a decent apartment, I found a GREAT one. And in our budget. When I refer to our, I mean myself and my brother (who I'll get to in just a second). The place is new, built in the last few years. It's a townhouse apartment, on Willow Street. It's on the east end of town, and I lived in that area for a couple of years after the kids were born. There are better parts of Mt. Sterling, but there are much, much worse. Two bedrooms, one and a half baths, range, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, ceiling fans, central heat and air....and all for only $400 a month. You CAN'T beat that around here. Plus the landlord is a friend of my family, so he's sympathetic to my situation, but still, a landlord. The deposit was only $200, so I went and paid that today and signed the lease. So, things are all wrapped up nicely except for getting the utilities started. Right?


About an hour after I get home, I get a phone call from my dear brother. He's irate that I'd signed a lease without him seeing the place first. Now, while I would normally agree with that, this time I don't. Reason for that being that when I asked him to help me look for a place, he said he would, but didn't. Then he told me that he would be happy with whatever I would pick, he trusted my judgement. Apparently fucking not. He screamed at me. My brother screamed at me. The last time that happened....I went apeshit on him. This time, I was just in shock at the audacity. I made all the phone calls. I did all the searching and footwork. He didn't even lift a finget to help. And NOW he's going to complain? Hell no! Among his reasons for not liking the place, sight unseen:

"I don't want to live close to that many people, I wanted a place out in the country."
Well, sorry, if you wanted a place in the country, then maybe you should have helped me look. I can't stand living that far out. And I'm not living in the middle of nowhere. My car isn't legal right now. If something were to happen to the kids and I needed to get them to the hospital or something, I don't want to have to wait for an hour for an ambulance to get there. Furthermore, there's a little grocery store less than 100 yards from the front door. Hello, convenience, heard of it?

"It stinks on that end of town in the summer"
Can't argue against a fact. It does. But we have central heat and air there. So I don't see what the problem is. I lived a block from there for 2 years, and it's not that bad. Not bad enough to turn down this kind of a deal.

"I want a place I'm not going to be ashamed to bring my friends to."
Dude, you don't have a place to bring your friends to NOW. You're sleeping on granny's couch, and you shouldn't even be staying there. If the building manager finds out, you'll get her evicted. Beggars can't be choosers, Christopher. Get off the damn high horse.

"I'm a man! I want a place where I can go take a piss outside if I want."
First of all, no. The arrangement was that I was going to find a place for me, and you were going to move in so we could help each other get back on our feet, and then you were going to find your own place. I don't want you pissing all over my yard! There's two toilets, if that's not enough, then I don't know what else to tell you.

In other words....if you can't deal with it, go get a place by yourself! I kept you in mind the entire time I was looking. I could have taken that trailer I looked at last week, and you would have had a closet for a bedroom. And there were neighbors there too.


Well, the next two weeks is going to be dedicated to hardcore job hunting. So just in case he's going to be a bitch about things, I can do this on my own, which I wanted to do anyway. *shakes head* I know I can't make everyone happy, but can't I just get a little appreciation for my effort?


Apr. 26th, 2004 01:44 pm
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Well, I'm not sure what to think. My mom just talked to me and my brother. I'd talked to him about getting an apartment together once before, even though I had my reservations about it. So basically mom told us that she would help us out with a security deposit, getting utilities turned on, etc, as long as we could come up with the first month's rent. That's not a problem. We've got enough between the two of us to do that. I'm just concerned because I'm still not working, so I'm kind of paranoid about that. I'm just hoping I can depend on Goob to do his part. I still don't have the car insured. So I'll need to get something done about that.

Then there's the whole thing about getting a phone going. And I'd really need to have one, or at least some sort of net connection. Maybe cable, if I could pull that off. One or the other. I just got so attached to Mario, and I'd hate to have to lose contact with him. I'd be really really upset over that. If it's just a temporary thing, I think we could both deal, but I wouldn't want to.

This has all just happened, so my mind's still kind of reeling from it all. I'm sure I'll get something figured out before too long, I just need some time to think.
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It's 8 am and I'm all hyper on coffee cause I've been up all night. Again. And my mom just came in and showed me the ugliest little poodle. Anyway.

I've gotten on this cleaning kick lately. And anyone that's seen me on these kicks knows that I get a little insane with it. I mean, I've spent 3 days cleaning my mom's kitchen. It was DISGUSTING! Mom's idea of clean is everything just being picked up, put away, dishes washed. I mean, I've been here since October, and I don't think she's mopped the floor once. I thought about it a few times, but judging by the condition of the mop, I probably would have just made it worse. So I started with the refrigerator.

Major TMI about funky fridge )

But if you've never seen one of these sterilization frenzies of mine, they're really quite something to behold. I'll be up for about 2 or 3 days at a time, scrubbing every little thing in sight. I mean, crackheads would be amazed. Mom asked me why I was cleaning her boombox. "Because it's covered in an inch of grease and dust from being in your kitchen."
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Ok, this is my last journal entry from my last blog, from Friday, Sept 26th....

Well, I got a little ray of sunshine. I went to talk to Charlie today, and he was really helpful. He said he talked to the dean of student life, Myron Doan, and gave him a vague rundown of my situation. Mr. Doan said he may be able to hook me up with one of the family housing units at Eagle Lake, but he wasn't sure because he would have to work something out with Housing about that. He said another option was if the kids could stay with mom for the remainder of the semester that he could get me into one of the dorms, but that's not really an option. Mom can't (or really won't) keep the kids, and I don't want to be away from them. So, no to that. Of course, the recommendation to go on welfare was brought up, so I will do that, but I need an address to be able to get that, and I don't really have that right now.

So everything's still kind of up in the air, but at least I have some options to try now. Mr. Doan said either he or Jackie Scott (dean of non-trad students) would give me a call by noon on Monday to let me know what they can do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I'm going to do what I can on my end *wink* to steer things in a good direction.

CJ called me tonight and I told him about all that, and he teased me because he knows what kind of a wreck I turn into in these situations. I think if he were here to have seen me, he might have been surprised to see how well I've been handling all this. On the downer side of the conversation was that he told me that he's planning on taking a cruise in November. I remember talking about doing that on our honeymoon, so that was kind of a blow. He said that the person he planned to go with decided they couldn't go (I noticed the use of the pronoun game...grrr). Now he says he's looking for someone to go with him, but all his friends are busy with school or work. I know and he probably knows that I can't go, but I would have loved for him to at least extend the invitation. It would have given us a good chance to talk, at least. But it's the vacation he's been wanting for years, and he deserves it, so I'll just bite my tongue. Maybe. I just miss him so much.


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