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Because my phone remembers that night far better than I do. Lawlz. Anyway, my costume, in case you missed it, was fucking epic. It was so dark that neither mine nor Don's cameras could quite capture its nocturnal majesty. Seriously, I could go out and fight crime in that getup.

The Goddamn Batbitch

I may have to take some pictures of the coat on its own, because I spent a lot of time on it, and I'm proud of it. I put in a red satin liner after ripping out everything that wasn't necessary (and possibly some things that were. And I really didn't finish it out as well as I'd wanted, due to time constraints. But once I got the liner in, I cut the bottom hem into points, like a bat cape. My belt, which also was barely visible, had silver skulls, with draping silver chains. My shirt had a distressed red bat that I painted, which took FOR FUCKING EVER because I had to paint like six layers to get it just right. The mask was the most difficult, but the most rewarding. This was what it looked like when it arrived (I bought an original 1992 Batman mask off Amazon).

LOTS more pictures and story under here. )
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Ask and ye shall receive. :p I recorded this on Halloween before I left for the House of Shock, but YouTube was being stupid the last couple of days.
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I did go out tonight and I had a pretty good time. Chris and Annie picked me up and we went with Annie's nephew Jimmy to New Orleans and the House of Shock. It wasn't all that scary (well, not to me, anyway). We all dressed up, me in my pirate gear again. Although, it seems that between Saturday and today that I lost a hundred pounds because my belts kept falling off my ass.

Anyway, here's some pictures )


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