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I just cleaned up my friends list. No, I don't feel like explaining why. I shouldn't have to, it's my goddamn journal.
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Because my phone remembers that night far better than I do. Lawlz. Anyway, my costume, in case you missed it, was fucking epic. It was so dark that neither mine nor Don's cameras could quite capture its nocturnal majesty. Seriously, I could go out and fight crime in that getup.

The Goddamn Batbitch

I may have to take some pictures of the coat on its own, because I spent a lot of time on it, and I'm proud of it. I put in a red satin liner after ripping out everything that wasn't necessary (and possibly some things that were. And I really didn't finish it out as well as I'd wanted, due to time constraints. But once I got the liner in, I cut the bottom hem into points, like a bat cape. My belt, which also was barely visible, had silver skulls, with draping silver chains. My shirt had a distressed red bat that I painted, which took FOR FUCKING EVER because I had to paint like six layers to get it just right. The mask was the most difficult, but the most rewarding. This was what it looked like when it arrived (I bought an original 1992 Batman mask off Amazon).

LOTS more pictures and story under here. )
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Are you retarded or something? Don't you know who the hell I am?

The Goddamn Batbitch

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As I announced on Facebook yesterday, I am in possession of wheels once again. I'm pretty happy about it. It's a 1997 Mecury Sable. It's older, but it's in great shape. Even the engine is spanky clean. It runs great, and the AC is icy cold. And it's nice and spacious on the inside, which is good for me, because I tend to get a little car claustrophobic sometimes.

Pictures and other junk under here. )

And finally...I made an ass out of myself for lulz. And Fia helped.

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I have realized, in my brain dead stupor, what I should be doing as a career: proofreader. Or editor. Or any other career field that pays me to be an asshole to people for spelling like an idiot or using fucked up grammar.* I say this because I just did a quick skim of Facebook, LiveJournal and two forums, and in less than ten minutes I had the urge to punch fifteen people.

For a moment I thought that teaching English as a second language to Americans might be a good one. Then I got slightly depressed when I came to the conclusion that this is something that is probably necessary. Also, I wouldn't want to be a teacher. They're supposed to be somewhat supportive of even the most challenging students. And I think it's against the law to beat someone in the brain with a dictionary while screaming about homophones not being interchangable.

*I'm in no way claiming myself to be some sort of bastion of grammar, but compared to the majority of the internet, I might as well be. You'd never know it if you've ever heard me talk though. I fuck up the English language in ways that should be illegal if I'm talking. Except, however, when I'm at work and I've gotten through a few calls as a warmup. Then I can talk till my voice gives out (and sometimes it does).

But I'll never get over how many times a day I get called "sir". O_o
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I meant to do a post on this a while back. I think I only hesitated becuase a) I have a hard time talking about this without laughing so hard I cry and b) I didn't think anyone would believe me. But now, I have screenshot evidence a la Facebook:

Now, most of us live outside of the cultural vacuum that is Kentucky (apologies to those of you that are, but you know what I'm talking about). And to the rest of the world, the word "cornhole" makes you think of two things.




I'm right there with you on that one. However, in the state of Kentucky, or more specifically, the Eastern half, cornholing is a game of skill. And I can hear at least one of you saying "But Dex, cornholing does require skill! *snicker*" Yes, I'm well aware of the joke potential here. Bear with me a moment.

I first heard about this mysterious game a couple of years ago while driving around my hometown with my mother in the car. I saw a hand-painted sign advertising a cornhole tournament. Yes, a tournament. I'm cracking up and my mother asks why. I point at the sign, since I was laughing so hard that verbal communication was now lost to me.

This is when my mother proudly tells me, with a straight face, "Well, you happen to be looking at the Cornhole Champion of Montgomery County!"


Once I recovered from my head explosion, my mother explained to me that Cornhole is a game of skill involving small cloth bags filled with dried corn and planks of wood with holes in them. That's about as far as I got. I can only assume that this is some form of redneck skeeball. A quick skim of Google search results seem to imply that this is the case.

But I still just about lose my mind whenever I think of my mother proudly announcing her status as a champion cornholer.
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It's time to make the donuts in the Pits of Hell, but I'm making a list here of drawing type things I need to either start or finish so I get my ass on the ball.

- Dies Irae logo
- Jeff's chicken
- Um, comics. Second in the portrait series is pretty much done, it just needs lettering and touchups. One random filler comic is 50%.
- Get that fucking dragon claw nailed down.
- Go ahead and finish the Batbitch, since it won't leave me alone until I do. Yes, I have actually come up with a design for a Batbitch costume.
- Thumbnail out some other bad ideas while I'm at work.

Like I said in a comment earlier, if my artwork were a child, I'd have been arrested for neglect. That's not going to happen again soon.


Apr. 27th, 2010 09:16 am
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I got [ profile] wandereringray the WHERE'S MY BLOODY TEA mug, and I couldn't NOT get something for myself.

Also, the two mugs were wrapped in enough bubble wrap to start working on my narcolepsy suit.

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I'm about to go pass out for the night, but I discovered something really awesome while doing Google searches. If you Google "goddamn batbitch", this blog right here is the top result. Not only that, but the entries following that one are mostly comments I've made on DeviantArt because it's in my signature line.

Honestly, I would have thought that more people would have jumped on that. But hey, it's probably because of the naughty words. That's cool. I'll take it!

Now I seriously do need to make new icons. My old GDBB icon is MIA. And that is BALLS.
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Taylor Lautner Fan Letter To Universal: Your Wolfman Ripped Off Twilight

Oh. Oh god. I don't even have the words to express the horror that this sort of thing inflicted upon me.

I love, LOVE, the old Universal monster movies. I used to have all of them on VHS back in the day, including the Abbott & Costello ones, just because. My all-time favorite is Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, for the crackiness of it. Shitty Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein's monster, Lon Chaney Jr overacting, and even a musical number! You can't get that level of fuckery today in cinema unintentionally!

But this...I hope to every god in existence that the person that wrote this letter is still in high school. Otherwise, I hope they obtain a painful case of mutated hemorrhoids. With barbed spikes coming out of them.

Justin...say it with me.... WEREWOLVES ARE RUINED FOREVER!!!!111!!!111!!!!

Fuck this noise. Katy and I broke out the beer and Boondock Saints. Our brains need therapy.


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:00 am
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Yes, it's early. I only get one day off this weekend, and I'm going out tomorrow. I need to interact with the humans I like in real life.

Yes, it's one you've seen before. But now it's properly credited and it's PRETTY.

Yes, it's huge. Fucking deal with it.
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Just so I have something positive (and not weird) to post about today. And I'm just really happy my contacts aren't giving me any problems *crosses fingers*

It's still Batwoman, but this was posted up on [ profile] scans_daily and I loooove it. :D

Cut for big (but pretty) picture... )


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