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Text convo with [ profile] cielamara.

Dextra: Beat em over the head with a Louisville Slugger and drink heavily. That's my motto.

Nikki: I want to see that in Latin on someone's coat of arms.

Dextra: God damn it. You know if you say these things to me I have to draw them.

Nikki: Well, you needed motivation to draw tonight, didn't you? :P

Dextra: Damn it. I was gonna piss around and play Arkham City.

Nikki: I think you should put some swans on there. Like oh, how dainty and pretty and then BOOM! HEADSHOT with a wing. Swans will beat some ass.
I ruin everything, it's my specialty.


Nikki: Trollolololol :D:D:D


Nikki: And maybe a four-leaf clover because it's on the Davis coat of arms and also to say BISH YOU LUCKY I'M TOO DRUNK TO REALLY STOMP YO ASS. Building a theme here.
Though if I were desigining a coat of arms for myself it would feature a goose and its mottow would be FUCK YOU, I'M A GOOSE, GEESE DON'T CARE. But in Latin.

Dextra: I did just get a coat of atms* in the mail. It's all Dr Who related. Odd coincidence.

Nikki: Clearly you need to design this coat of arms.

Dextra: Biiiiiitch.

Nikki: :D It's so cute that you're haing such a hard time spelling "mistress of all that is awesome."

Dextra: No, I think I know how to spell cuntbag. :p I'm also proud of my phone for having cuntbag in its dictionary.

Nikki: LMAO did you put it there?

Dextra: ...maybe.

Ok, so to recap, my phone is made up of equal parts LOL, OMG and WTF.

LOL - It's been known to change *hugs* to *jihad*

OMG - Its internal dictionary contains words like "cuntbag", "twatwaffle" and "Benedict Cumberbatch". There's actually a shortcut for the last one.

*WTF - Sometimes, things like "arms" come out as "atms". Now I'm wondering what the fuck a coat made of atms looks like. o_O
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Hmmm. Book: Twilight, obviously.

Movie: I really just can't stand chick flicks in general.

Band: Nickelback. Creed. Most bands that get a lot of airplay on Top 40 stations.

Food: Raw onions, dill pickles, water chestnuts....things that taste like crunchy water.

TV show: American Idol. Pretty much anything on Lifetime or CMT.
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I just got a text from Gracie saying that she sent a stoned text message to someone with my old number talking about tits and Xanax. I LOL'D. :p

Also! I went to the meeting about the insurance sales job this morning and it looks promising so far. I got a call this afternoon requesting a second interview, so I get to go to Louisville (ugh) on Monday for that.

Tomorrow is the big comic convention, the first this sleepy little burg has ever seen. So I'm helping with that tonight and tomorrow. Sara, Justin and I just took a break for food, then we're going back down to pack up some more shit to take to the convention center in the morning.

Also, I punched a fifty year old man. To be fair, he deserved it.
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I've just been either busy or distracted. So here's a list to save my sanity:

1. My mother called me yesterday upset because she'd been sick, and when she went to the doctor, found out she has diabetes. I'm not too surprised, because her father had it. But yay. One more disease to put on the list of possible things that will kill me. Apparently she's got a pretty bad case, since the doc wants to try her on pills before going straight to insulin, but told Mom that the insulin is looking like the only way to go.

2. I'm going job hunting on Monday, since the roads are clear again. And I don't have relatives all over my house.

3. I've been trying to help Chris out with the store. I've been getting convention materials together, and making signs and whatnot. I like doing it, and since it directly affects the welfare of my children, well, how can I not help out. Plus, hey, comics.

4. Also, the weekend before my birthday (April 26th or 27th) I've been shanghaied into attending Botcon, which is a Transformers convention. I know people going, and it's good for business, so I'm getting the store registered for that. And since it's in Cincinatti, I'm hitting the LUSH store while I'm there. *GLARINGLY OBVIOUS HINT, LEENIE*

5. I bought the children a robotic panda. The longer the day goes on, the more I am regretting this decision.

6. I have a ginormous pile of boxes in the kitchen that still need to be broken down and put out with the garbage. I'll get around to it. Eventually.

7. I bought a power screwdriver and a bit for dealing with stripped screws, because I am intelligent. And because half my bed is still in the living room.

8. I got a little irritated at a friend for showing up unannounced at Chris and Sara's house because he was looking for me. One, that's not cool. Two, it was Valentine's Day. I had bought alcohol for us all and they were going to have pity on me and drink with me. Instead, Adam shows up with his girlfriend's brother (who none of us had ever met) and just hangs out there. So I finished my drink and had them follow me to my place. I didn't mind hanging out with them, but a phone call would have been nice. Plus, the whole showing up at Chris' house was not cool because there was apparently a problem with Adam hitting on people when their significant others were not around. So...that wasn't good. And I felt like an asshole because I told Adam to come hang out "sometime". I didn't mean THAT NIGHT.

9. I'm going to dismantle that goddamn panda while the kids are asleep tonight. I can feel the urge rising.

10. Or, alternately, I just really need to get laid.
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I went to Subway to grab lunch for Ashley and myself, and when I got back, she'd left an envelope on my desk. The card inside had a bunch of goofy (and slightly creepy faces), with the caption "Please don't leave me here with these people."

On the inside she wrote me a note saying that she's going to miss me and wishing me luck. And a Starbucks gift card, to keep me fueled up on the road.

I'm gonna miss her most of all. :)

...and David and I have been clucking like chickens across the office at each other the entire time I've been typing this. I'm not sure why.
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Oh man. Just another 30 minutes and then I can go home and fill myself with tea and soup and not move for the rest of the night. I've been fighting to stay awake all afternoon.

I did manage to run out to a moving supply store (how handy!) at lunch and get some heavy duty boxes, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. I'm trying to figure out how to pack my tv so that it doesn't get damaged. That's the downside of an LCD or plasma tv. They don't move easily. Thankfully I held on to the box for the PS3, so I'll have no problem with that.

I think I might start working on the spare bedroom tonight if I don't feel too shitty. Ashley's having a party tonight, but I'm gonna bail on that. I just don't feel up to it.
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So the party Friday night was pretty good. Not too many people showed up, which was good, if you ask me. It was raining and nasty, which sucked because we couldn't stoke up the fire pit or hang out outside. But it was cold anyway, so it didn't really matter.

Now, the Shed is literally a shed behind Chris and Annie's house. And it's way back at the back of the property. So since it was raining, I had to schlep through about a few hundred feet of soggy yard. Once I got back there, Brian, Jennifer, Chris, Annie, Carrie, Casey, Amber, Joe and his girlfriend (who's name I forgot) were waiting for me.

We chilled out, spent some time at the cheese museum (see if you can remember that reference), and drank. A lot. I brought CJ with me, so that everyone could take a little bit of him home. I went out to World Market to try to find a nice container for Chris to display in the Shed, but there wasn't anything that looked big enough to work. And then I found it. A stainless steel cocktail shaker. And I got some small boxes with a silver pattern on the top that almost matched his urn. So before everyone left, I made sure they all got a box.

And a few pictures )
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Brian did indeed show up to get some of his stuff. He FINALLY took that Bowflex, and the kitchen table and chairs. He's still got some other things here, but he says he'll come back later in the week and get those. I might even be nice and gather it all up for him.

Jennifer, her dad, Bobby, and her brother Joe came to help. Well, Bobby just kind of supervised while Brian and Joe tripped over each other. And since I found the duffel bag under the Bowflex, I loaded up the remainder of CJ's porn stash and gave it to Joe. The magazines are pretty vanilla, but the DVDS...well, they're special. I just hope Joe likes grannies, midgets and trannies. *snickers* CJ had some really fucking weird tastes.

Brian, being well, Brian, made everyone say hello to CJ when they came in. Jennifer already knew that the urn was here, but Bobby and Joe were a little taken aback. Joe just stared at it for a second and Brian yelled "Don't be rude, fucker, say hello!"

I was amused. But I told Bobby that I know it's got to be weird for people when it's pointed out that there's a friggin' dude in a jar on my bookshelf. He said that it's not that unusual, but he can see how some people might be a little weirded out by it.

And Brian informed me that the crew is throwing me a going away party next week at The Shed. That's just so sweet. No one's ever done that for me before. I was actually thinking about having one here, but that's even better. Said we're going to have a bonfire and some drinks and smokes and hang out just like old times. And that we're going to get CJ's little corner set up with his helmet. I've got a little glass jar that I've coated the inside of with ink. I'm going to put a little of his ashes in it and take it over there. I just might need someone to help me do that. That's just...I don't know. Just weird. I'd rather have someone help me so I don't, y'know, knock the entire urn over on the floor or something. It'd be about my luck.

Actually, since I'm going down to New Orleans tomorrow, I might just take a little of the ashes with me then, too. Sprinkle some on the Spanish plaza, under his family's plaque. A little at The Dungeon. A little at Lafitte's. He should be in the places he loved. And he loved a lot of places. So a little here, a little there. And one day, he'll be everywhere. He had too much wanderlust to stay in one place.
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I finally made it home yesterday. Pardon my emo post from a few days ago. I'm over that now. I appreciate the text messages though. I feel a little embarrassed about it now. Oh well.

Anyway, I had a pretty good time while I was there. Spent as much time with the munchkins as I could. One extra little thing I did for them just for fun was I got a whirlpool room at the Fairfield Inn. I don't think they've ever been that clean in their lives. I think they took like 8 baths in 3 days. :p

I got to see my new nephew, Landen (I still hate that name). He kind of looks like a tiny, angry old man. Most babies do when they're a week old, so I can't really judge his cuteness yet. Aiden was still adorable, but I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him. He's crawling now, and making out one-syllable words. I worry about that boy, because he just turned a year old on Saturday, and he's really just not developing very fast. I know he's a preemie, but still.

Good times... )
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1. Molly, Ted's dog, that is. And I do like dogs, but they seem to like me a whole lot more, because Molly keeps coming in here and sticking her head between my arm and the desk while I'm trying to type.

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2. I burned my thumb with my hair straightener over the weekend, and the spot is taking forever to heal. Definitely going to leave a scar.

3. I need to remember to call and make an appointment with Victoria to get my hair cut. Three days in a row I've given up and put on a hat.

4. I understand supporting local businesses and all, but I'm not doing it if the alternative is infinitely better. For example, PJ's Coffee is local and Starbucks is a national chain. PJ's is on the corner. Starbucks is a couple of miles away. I will leave my house 20 minutes early, in the morning, when I feel like good coffee, to go to Starbucks. I only get PJ's when Ashley or Benny calls me and wants me to pick some up. And I offer to go to Starbucks, but they'd rather have PJ's. I don't know why, because the bottom third of the cup is always some kind of sludge. And it's more expensive and everything tastes the same. *shrug*

5. It's going to get up to 80 degrees today. In December. That's not right.

6. I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CDs on the trip back from Kentucky, and I've just been listening to it in the car. I might be finished with it by the time I go back. (Yeah, I've read the book already, but it's interesting to hear it being read.)

7. Gracie, I'm not going to be able to come up this weekend. I forgot about the company Christmas party on Saturday, and Ashley's party on Sunday, and I'm already committed to those. :( We'll have to figure out something else, and what to do about the kids' gifts you picked up for me.

#8 is cut for length and bitchery of the finest caliber )
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Gracie had to point out to me that my car has pride. I still have the temporary tag in the back window, and the little dealer's ad plate where my permanent plate will go. I bought it from Rainbow Pontiac Buick GMC, so naturally, their logo is a hugeass fucking rainbow.

That's how Gracie found my house. My car is probably gayer than I am.
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I was so confused when I got to work, because no one else was here. I had to call Ashley just to make sure I wasn't crazy. I'm also a little annoyed because I'd went to pick up breakfast for the whole office (there's usually only 5 or 6 of us here at any given time), and today it's just me, Ashley and Benny. So that was a waste.

Gracie texted me right as I was leaving the house, and apparently their hotel got evacuated due to a false fire alarm. Poor thing. I'm not laughing, really. *stifled snort*

Typing's a little weird for me right now. I got my nails done for the first time in years, probably, last night. I got French tips, and they're a little longer than I'm used to. I had to file them down a little last night because although the girl did a good job, I still think squared off nails look stupid. *shrug*

Gah, I was so wide awake when I got here, and now I'm fighting to stay awake.

Oh, Drew, thanks so much for sending me all the comedy stuff. I was listening to a bit of it in the car and was probably making the people at McDonald's think I was crazy for all the laughing I was doing. Patton Oswalt's bit about the 63 year old woman having a baby is not something I need to be listening to while trying to order food. :p

I've got so much left to do before I leave tomorrow. Not really anything major, just little things, like picking up a few things at Walgreens and putting a hold on my mail, that kind of stuff. I've got some stuff in the back of the car that I've been meaning to take to storage that I haven't yet. I'm pretty much packed up and ready with the exception of my laptop, shoes and toiletries. I just have a couple of quick errands to run in the morning, and then I should be up around Nashville by about 8 tomorrow night. I might make a post from the road (voice post, or I might wait till I get to the hotel), but I make no guarantees.
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The imps showed up in the mail today. Thanks, sweets! *hugs*
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I sent off a package to you yesterday. Should be to you in the next day or so. :)

Sent off a package to the kids, too. I'd got them a couple of outfits at Target a couple weeks ago and just got around to sending them. *shrug* Oh well.

Got myself a new bank account started on Friday, so that was one good thing I managed to accomplish this week. I even got a Goddamn Batman debit card. :p

There was a sale at Target, so I got a new vacuum. Holy shitbiscuits. It has a a pretty big dirt cup on it. Probably holds about a gallon if you filled it with water. I filled it halfway just vacuuming my bedroom. Then I emptied it and the same thing happened in the living room. I know the carpet in here is crap, but I didn't know it was THAT friggin' dirty. *does heebie jeebie dance*
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Thank you guys for the flowers. They're beautiful. *hugs you all*
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I've been playing:

These are kinda big )
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The company took on three new projects, and has hired half a dozen new people. Most of them work outside the office, so initially, it didn't seem like anything new was going on. But one project is due to kick off on Monday, so obviously, that means all hell is breaking loose around here.

Benny took me, Ashley and Lisa (who is one of the new hires) out to dinner last night for Administrative Professionals day/week/whatever. I honestly didn't care one way or the other about it, and neither did Ashley. But Benny is too nice for his own good and was placing a giant guilt trip on himself for forgetting about it. So we went to Acme Oyster House last night and had a nice little dinner. Even though none of us got oysters. :p I've never cared for oysters, raw or cooked. They just look like snot to me. I've no interest in eating anything that looks like that.

Annette, I got your card last night, thank you! It was so cute. My mail is so weird. I swear I think they hold my mail for a couple of days, then deliver it. Because I'll go a day or two every once in a while with nothing, then one day the box will be full of stuff. *shrug* Long as I get it. I usually don't have anything that's in dire need of getting to me quickly. That's what FedEx is for anyway.

And CJ has agreed - first weekend in June, we're going to Kentucky to get the girls. *beams* I'm probably going to take the 4th - 8th off to spend time with them, or at least see if I can't do some stuff from home. We're able to access the server outside of the office - Benny does it a lot. I'll just see if he'll let me set up something like that for when I'm out, so that way I can still get some work done while I'm with the monkeys. And the day camp doesn't get started until June 18th, so I'll have to find a sitter for a couple of weeks. No biggie. I can't wait though. *bounces*


Apr. 25th, 2007 08:00 am
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This is my and CJ's friend Chris. He's not quite right in the head, but we like him, and he throws some killer parties. He's also volunteered to officiate our wedding ceremony (whenever that may be). Enjoy.


Apr. 12th, 2007 05:59 pm
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It appears a fan of yours wanted me to let you know that she really likes the comic. She says you should keep it up. She also said the cherry stones told her she's going to be a kangaroo when she grows up, but that's beside the point.

Clicky for biggerness.

I saw a sketch Terry Moore did of Delerium on his LJ feed [ profile] terrymoore and it spoke to me. I scanned it at the office, but all the scans come out as PDF files, and therefore, yuck.

She's been trying to convince me that green mouse and telephone ice cream is delicious ever since.

(And yes, I'm aware that one ear is way bigger than the other. I didn't have time to get the perspective right, so shaddup. :p)


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