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Post apocalyptic future dream. The saviors of humanity are (no shit) Muppets, the vampires of Bon Temps, Justin Powell and Cory Stringer. I don't think I should HAVE to elaborate further at this point, but for the sake of showing how fucked my subconcious is, I will anyway. It started with the vampires. I was in an hospital that people were finding refuge in. Bill Compton saved me from a bad vamp that wanted to skin me to see my what my finger bones looked like under the moonlight. Northman was around, but unfortunately nowhere near me. Damn it.

People were scavegeing for food. I recall a group of teenagers finding a stash of canned food and being very excited about it. I found Justin and Cory in a cafeteria, after the Muppets found them. And my mother was with them. There was a moment, when my mother said, there she is, there's my daughter! And all of them said hi to me and waved excitedly. And even though I'd just been attacked by a vampire, and seriously scared and confused, my smartass gene kicked in. I said (in my Dr. Nick voice) "HI EVERYBODY!" And about a third of the muppets yelled back "HI DR NICK!" and I did a fistpump and said "Them's mah people." No, I don't know why I did this, but if you know me, you're probably not surprised that I would.

There was a bunch of random scenes that floated around as well. It seemed that we were in NYC, because I could see the Manhattan skyline. Though the view was similar to that from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, so that was a little odd. Also of note, the Doozers built the World Trade Center back with three towers and barber's scissors sticking out the top. I don't know why. I remember seeing some other vampires wandering around at night, but of course, come daylight, they were running for the basement/morgue.

Oh, and Schaef was having a conversation with someone about where he had been. It seems we were all kind of scattered around NY. He said he was just out running his car up and down the highway really fast because there weren't any cops around to bust him, and it wouldn't mean anything anyway.

There was one thing that really disturbed me. More than the vamp wanting to eat the flesh off my fingers. That was The Count and Bubba (from the Sookie books) chasing cats. Wrong wrong wrong. Anyway. My brain is a very weird place to be at night.

The Dream

Mar. 18th, 2009 01:18 pm
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I wrote this down a few weeks ago, and I told Val I would post it when I got it all typed up. I know I don't talk much about spiritual matters anymore, mostly because I don't really believe in anything anymore, but some things never really leave me. Dreams, and their many different meanings and usefulness, they still give me pause to think.

CJ and I used to "share" dreams. Even when were were hundreds of miles away from each other, we would have the same dream, but see it from different points of view. And sometimes we could communicate with each other. So really, I should have known this was coming.

Cut for long, strange, amazing dream )
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I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that I almost had sex with one of my friends in Louisiana. Almost. At the very last second, we both decided that it wasn't a good idea and we should stop. Well, it was more his idea than mine, but I agreed. Jesus, even in my dreams I can't get laid properly. :p

For some reason, my keys have vanished. They have to be somewhere in the house or in the yard because I came home Friday and didn't go back out until last night, when I discovered that they weren't in any of the usual places. Mom and I tore the house apart looking, but still they were gone. So far I have six suspects: two cats, two daughters and two nephews. The cats could probably only knock them off a table. The girls would just bring them to me if they found them. Landen isn't very mobile, since he's just learning to crawl, but Aiden...he's my number one person of interest in this case. That little bugger was everywhere and getting into everything. Knowing my luck the little shit probably buried them in the cats' litter box.

ACK. A mosquito got in here and got me four times before I managed to kill it. A mosquito bite on your pinky suuuucks.

Uh. Ok, weird thing that happened at work today was this conversation with a police officer and a woman outside (who are still there):

Woman: Hey, aren't you Christy's uncle?
Man: Yeah, I am. You look kinda familiar...
Woman: I was the one that tried to give you a goat!

Okie dokie then! *laughs*
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I had a really good time last night. I really hate driving in New Orleans at night, but there was a minimum of bullshit. The one thing that was nerve-wrenching was going across the Huey P. Long bridge, which is the most terrifying bridge on the fucking planet. The lanes are narrow as hell, and there are fucking CURVES in it. And on top of all that, it's 300 feet high and directly over the Mississippi River. And if that's not enough, there are trains going over and under you. TRAINS! Probably the most aggravating part is that at the end of the bridge is a roundabout, and the signs lie to you. Dan lives in Westwego, so I followed that exit. It took me towards Belle Chase. WTF. But I eventually got there, and that's the point.

My evening of New Orleans debauchery: )
Strange alcohol-fueled dreams: )

So anyway, I stopped by the comic book store on the way home and got my next couple of weeks' worth of visual crack. I gave Johnathan some of my Moo cards, which he proclaimed to be "seriously badass". So I'm off to enjoy my crack and relax for a while.
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I was dreaming I was dealing with the Hulk. The movie version, if you're wondering. But this Hulk was on some kind of weird rampage. He was after a couple and their small daughter. For some reason, I was trying to protect them. And I had my own family to worry about as well. I know at some point, I either got frustrated with taking care of these people, or they'd told me to piss off, or something. Anyway, I went back to my home (which was an apartment in a fairly tall building, the same as the other family).

For some reason, this Hulk liked to play mind games. He left a clue that he had taken the couple's daughter in my apartment, and he was coming for mine next. I was considering trying to just run, get out of there, but it was as if this Hulk was psychic as well. He knew when I was about to make a move out of the building. So the last part of the dream I remember is the Hulk trying to reach in through windows to grab at us all, and I'm slinging spells at him (Harry Potter style). Then I woke up.

So fucking weird, but that's what you get with drunken sleep.
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For the past couple of nights I'll wake up with an image in my mind of a big, old concrete bridge. Very gothic architecture. And I was getting very ominous vibrations from it. Kind of like I wanted to know more about it, but I was afraid to get too close. And this has bugged me, so I had another dream about it last night that only gave me more questions.

I dreamed I was walking along KY11 (Levee Road) coming up on the by-pass, and I had my kids with me. I'm not really clear as to why I was walking or where I was going, but I knew I was getting somewhere that I needed to be. So right as I'm coming up on the by-pass, I notice this huge pile of concrete and other rubble in the field (which in reality has a few buildings and other things). I was inexplicably drawn to it. So I hopped the barrier and tried to get a closer look. It was what used to be that bridge. I recognized the arches that were still somewhat intact. I know it said more on the main archway than what I remember now, but I do remember a date. It had the date of April, 1877 on it. That's a hundred years before I was born.

I looked around at the mess for what seemed like the longest time, trying to make some sense out of it. I had an overwhelming sense of familiarity with this thing, and I don't know why. But at some point, someone (I think it might have been my mother? I'm not sure.) came up to me and said something like "You need to go now, it's over and done with and there's nothing left for you here now." So I walked back to the road and then I woke up.

My dreams, while sometimes cryptic, usually have a literal sense to them that I can derive some meaning from. This has just managed to boggle me, because I KNOW I have seen that bridge before, I just don't remember where, or if it was even in reality that I saw it. Well, all I can do is hope that it'll come to me eventually. *shrugs*
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I with Mario in his truck and we were on I-64 around Winchester, when we came upon a horrifying scene...what looked like dozens of vehicles had wrecked and were piled up everywhere. There was still plenty of room for us to get through. But the people...the people from the vehicles were all standing around their cars. They were mangled, bones shattered, limbs missing; but they stood anyway, even those that in reality could not. We drove through this horror slowly, in shock at what we were seeing. I was trying not too look. I remember seeing a woman with her arms raised up to the sky, but her arms had been torn off at about the elbow. Her arms were raised up as if she were reaching out to someone. There was a man whose skin looked like it was peeled off from the waist up. I don't even want to talk of the horror of the scene around the school bus. If I had to guess, this grotesque scene went on for about 5 miles. It was simply horrifying. Once we got past the carnage, we went to a hotel in Lexington (I'm not sure why) and got a room. There were sirens continuously howling past, rushing to the accident. The people in the area were in a state of panic, because no one knew why such a thing happened.

The rest is kind of fuzzy. I remember talking to a couple of people about what I saw, and watching the news and seeing paramedics trying to help the people in the accident, but they were just frozen there. I'm not sure if they were dead or alive, but no one could figure out why they were all just standing there. I was wanting to do something, but didn't know what I could do. Gotta be one of the scariest dreams I've had in a long time.
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I'm trying to remember my dreams more lately. I used to be able to recall them to the smallest detail. But since I've been staying here with the 'rents, it's been harder. There is always some noise going on, so it makes it hard to get to sleep. And then it interferes with my sleep once I am asleep. And when I wake up, there's usually too much activity going on to keep my dreams fresh in my mind. I'm used to being able to lie in bed for a few minutes to recreate the dreams in my head before getting up. Anyway.

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Dec. 1st, 2003 10:15 am
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I had a dream last night....that fucking hurt! Literally!

I had a dream where CJ had given me a hug and I felt actual pain. Felt like electrical shocks delivered with a cattle prod with knives. Felt like my spine was breaking up. I woke up from it but I was still in pain, and stayed that way for about an hour. That has just totally freaked me out.

As if I don't have a hard enough time going to sleep as it is. Now I'm afraid to go to sleep so I don't wake up like that! Damn!
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I'm having a bit of trouble remembering this dream I had last night. I just remember that the situation I was in was very tense. I was in a large room, with a few people, but I don't remember any of them, save for one. Although the room was large, there was just a light hanging low over a table, like in one of those interrogation rooms. I was trying to make myself remember it all, that I recall. The one person I do remember was a large man, that sort of looked like Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction. He was trying to get me to leave, but I didn't want to leave. He kept handing me money, until I had several hundred dollars in my hand. I finally relented and went into a small room that looked like a mini kitchen, and started to make myself some food. There was a bunch of noise in the room I had just left, so I was trying to drown it out by humming loudly.
I know I was trying to make myself remember this for a reason. I don't know what that reason is, but I hope I figure it out.


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