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Taylor Lautner Fan Letter To Universal: Your Wolfman Ripped Off Twilight

Oh. Oh god. I don't even have the words to express the horror that this sort of thing inflicted upon me.

I love, LOVE, the old Universal monster movies. I used to have all of them on VHS back in the day, including the Abbott & Costello ones, just because. My all-time favorite is Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, for the crackiness of it. Shitty Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein's monster, Lon Chaney Jr overacting, and even a musical number! You can't get that level of fuckery today in cinema unintentionally!

But this...I hope to every god in existence that the person that wrote this letter is still in high school. Otherwise, I hope they obtain a painful case of mutated hemorrhoids. With barbed spikes coming out of them.

Justin...say it with me.... WEREWOLVES ARE RUINED FOREVER!!!!111!!!111!!!!

Fuck this noise. Katy and I broke out the beer and Boondock Saints. Our brains need therapy.
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I wish it were that simple to fix. I have eczema. It sucks. My hands and feet have exploded. It hasn't been this bad in years. The worst flareup was the first one. I ended up in a friggin' wheelchair for a couple of months because my hands and feet were nothing but raw meat.

Cut for less than attractive details )
I'm giving it a few more days with my usual treatments, but this flareup feels particularly nasty. I might actually have to go see a doctor to get a steroid boost to kill this. *sigh* I hate this because I feel absolutely disgusting. I don't want to touch Tony or pick up my nephews or even hand someone something. I have to sleep with socks on, and that drives me nuts because I normally sleep nude (bet you all needed to know that *snicker*). So that's why I woke up at 5 am and decided to just stay up. And now I'm full of coffee and feel like crap. Now I have to go dig out some Benadryl and maybe go lie back down if it does its job.

ETA: No Benadryl. Found remnants of last Lexapro bottle. If I can't get antihistamine, I'll take brain numbers instead.
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I am stuck at home today with two male humans and no caffeine. Apparently the last bit of coffee was consumed over the weekend and I was too busy to make sure more was procured. This has brought me to a few conclusions.

- My boyfriend and brother are going to have a lovely person to deal with later, whenever they decide they want to stop snoring and join the rest of the world.

- And when they do, they're picking up this pigsty because there is no energy in my body to do anything but sneer and threaten. And throw things.

- I'm gonna need a nap in the very near future, and I've only been awake for about 3 hours.

- I love all my friends dearly, but the next one of you that suggests that I quit caffeine this soon after quitting smoking is going to see me start smoking again just so I can stub a cigarette out IN YOUR EYE. Do we have an understanding? Good!

I'm tired now. Maybe I'll try drinking some tap water later. That's got cocaine in it, right? Or was it meth? I forget.
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I hate being so damned cynical. I hate it when I have a lack of interesting things to say. I have a lot of things I could say, but nothing worth reading. I'm in kind of a pissy mood anyway. Maybe if I wouldn't watch the Republican National Convention coverage I'd be in a better mood. I'm a little worried about that. I've not been this into politics since I was in college. My political enthusiasm tends to come and go, but I dunno, this election kind of lit a fire under my ass.

I watched Sarah Palin speak last night. She's scary. She talked about her family (very noticably focusing on her sons rather than her daughters). She gave herself a huge pat on the back for being a special needs mom. She sucked McCain's ass with hurricane force. She bashed on Obama, and talked about how down to earth she is and gave a bunch of down homespun wisdom about...nothing really. And then she made mention that she believes that our actions in Iraq are the will of God. *headesk* x infinity

Ok, ok, I'mma shut up about that for now. It's Thursday, so I should be thankful for things, right? Let's see...

Conditionally Grateful )
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Got in bed before midnight last night.
Woke up at 3 am drenched in sweat.
Fuck you, body.
Got up to allow myself and the bed to dry before going back to sleep.
Woke up and found the car won't start.
Fuck you, car.
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1. Molly, Ted's dog, that is. And I do like dogs, but they seem to like me a whole lot more, because Molly keeps coming in here and sticking her head between my arm and the desk while I'm trying to type.

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2. I burned my thumb with my hair straightener over the weekend, and the spot is taking forever to heal. Definitely going to leave a scar.

3. I need to remember to call and make an appointment with Victoria to get my hair cut. Three days in a row I've given up and put on a hat.

4. I understand supporting local businesses and all, but I'm not doing it if the alternative is infinitely better. For example, PJ's Coffee is local and Starbucks is a national chain. PJ's is on the corner. Starbucks is a couple of miles away. I will leave my house 20 minutes early, in the morning, when I feel like good coffee, to go to Starbucks. I only get PJ's when Ashley or Benny calls me and wants me to pick some up. And I offer to go to Starbucks, but they'd rather have PJ's. I don't know why, because the bottom third of the cup is always some kind of sludge. And it's more expensive and everything tastes the same. *shrug*

5. It's going to get up to 80 degrees today. In December. That's not right.

6. I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CDs on the trip back from Kentucky, and I've just been listening to it in the car. I might be finished with it by the time I go back. (Yeah, I've read the book already, but it's interesting to hear it being read.)

7. Gracie, I'm not going to be able to come up this weekend. I forgot about the company Christmas party on Saturday, and Ashley's party on Sunday, and I'm already committed to those. :( We'll have to figure out something else, and what to do about the kids' gifts you picked up for me.

#8 is cut for length and bitchery of the finest caliber )
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I checked the DVR and it's not recording until Saturday. *HEADDESK HEADDESK HEADDESK*
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I have cable internet at home. YAY! Oh, wait, my laptop is being a shit about it. Boo. I was on the phone with Charter for over an hour last night trying to figure out why I can't get anywhere online. Well, I can get to my email. And Bottalk. And the front page of LJ. But that's it. I can't get anywhere on the Sony site for support, since the website wouldn't recognize my model number (wtf?) and I can't get to any Microsoft sites at all.

Charter says that it's a Microsoft problem. They think. The don't know anything about Vista, so by process of elimination, that must be the root of it. I don't know what the deal is. I've set up my antivirus software - I'm using AVG, since Norton slows everything down so badly, and I've used it forever, I know it's good. I've tried turning the firewall off, that didn't help. I've checked for parental controls, all that. Nothing doing. And my connection is just fine. When I can get IE or Firefox to go to a page, it gets there ok, though some pages are slow and won't load all the way.

Unless I can think of something else or find some answers while I'm still here at work (for the next four hours), I'm gonna be calling Microsoft tonight for help. I hate doing that. It's a pride thing. I hate it when I can't figure it out by myself. :p

Other that that one eensy little problem, I really do like my laptop. But that shit's making me crazy aggravated.
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Didn't do much of anything over the weekend. I was kinda pissed that CJ didn't want to go to New Orleans for the weekend, but I got over it. I could have gone to the Bacchus bash with Ashley last night, but she wasn't going to be coming back until late last night, so I decided against it. I would have been worthless today if I had. She'd already taken today off, so one of us needed to be here. Tomorrow's Mardi Gras, so she gets paid for it, but I don't, so I need the hours today.

There's a couple of parades tomorrow here in Covington, so I'm going to head down to catch some throws to send to the girls. I was talking to them last night and told them it was Mardi Gras time. I could hear Joey in the background yelling "Throw me somethin' mister!" It was so cute. It's times like this that I really miss them, because I love seeing how excited they get at the parades.

Other than that, I've just been a royal bitch all weekend. :D Hey, I only get the menstrual shit about once a year, so I think I'm justified in having one week where I can be emotional and hormonal and get away with it.

Oh, Katy, thanks for sending me the card, I love it. :)

*sigh* "Mom" (Benny) and "Dad" (David) are griping at each other on high volume and I can't concentrate. I'll try to get my thoughts more coherent this afternoon.


Jan. 31st, 2007 09:01 am
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I'm feeling pretty irritable and crabby today. Don't feel like being here. Coffee does nothing. I think it's leftover stress that gets converted to concentrated bitch. Got a little bit of a headache too. Greeeat.

Bathtub got fixed yesterday, so that's good. Turns out a washer in the fixture needed replacing. I'd have never known. I know nothing about plumbing.

Dan (our friend from Phoenix) finally got moved to New Orleans. We're going to go down and stay with him on Mardi Gras weekend. That'll be fun. I've not actually been down in N.O. for that, so I'll be sure to take pictures of as many bare chests as I can. :p I'll even get out the real camera, assuming I can find it.

Speaking of which, I finally got all the pictures from the wedding off my phone, so I may post some of those later if I get time. I actually have stuff to do today. Whoo.
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Ugh. Insomnia. I'm bored. I updated my user info for no real reason. I had a conversation with someone not long ago about icons, and felt I needed to add something in there regarding that. That was the condensed version, and I'll expand upon that a bit here.
I don't mean to sound bitchy or mean, but I am, so that's how it comes out. )
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Today, I'm going to bitch about my favorite pet peeve and the curious manner in which I subject myself to them: stupid people. Thankfully, for the most part, my exposure to face to face stupidity is minimal these days. I prefer my dumbassery to be found online, where it is more easily contained and corralled. It's effortless to click away an offending moron online, whereas if you have the idiot right in front of you, poking them on the nose and making clicky sounds does nothing but exasperate the situation.

If you look at my userinfo, you'll notice that I belong to thirty communities. That sounds like a lot, you're probably thinking, and you'd be right. I don't read every single post in every community, no matter how little someone posts in it. I'd never get anything done. In fact, I have my communities set on a seperate filter than my friends, so that I can read my friends without having to hunt them down. This is my LJ routine (usually): First, respond to any comments that need responding to. Next I read my friends, and then if I have time, I'll do a community skim. I'll read what grabs my attention, and the rest, sorry to say, goes unread by these eyes. Aw.

One community I joined because apparently I don't read enough fucked up shit. And no, I'm not talking about [ profile] wtf_inc (as enjoyably fucked up as it is). No, I'm talking about [ profile] ohnotheydidnt. Apparently I felt like I wasn't getting enough tabloid in my life. Don't get me wrong, most of the posts are informative, if one believes that an article on Lindsay Lohan sending sex toys to her friends is newsworthy. It's the PEOPLE that make it fucked up.

For example, in this post, someone posted the contents of gift bags given to performers at the MTV Video Music Awards. It's a nice hefty list of stuff someone wasted money on to give to people with more money than they know what to bloody do with!


So I read this list, wishing that I could have at least ONE thing out of that mile long list. I read the words. I could imagine the products in my mind's eye. My brain was alight with pleasant imagery dancing about. And then, as they do, morons attack:

"Can someone insert pictures where the words are? :("

Teh wurdz! Dey hert mah branes! I would say that I'm starting to believe all that stuff I used to hear about modern technology making peoples' brains lazy and making an imagination a rare commodity. But no, idiots have always been around. The internet just gave them a spotlight. It's bad enough that someone asked for pictures rather than words. What's worse is that there were people agreeing with it. It just makes me think that while most of us have light bulbs that go off over our heads when we get an idea, these people have solar panels. Eventually, you might get a flicker.

And then, when I thought the kids who like the books with pictures in them where the peak of the day's stupidity, I WAS PROVEN WRONG. On a post about Patricia Arquette making a movie about male menopause, this person of indeterminate gender said:

"Yeah I learned about it a tiny bit in my psychology class. My teacher told me if men mark their calendar when they've becoming really moody during the month, they'll see it's just like a woman's menopause schedule. I thought it was very cool. :)"

Ok, now, I'm assuming (and I realize this is silly of me) that if one is old enough to be in a psychology class, they're old enough to know the difference between menopause and menstruation, yes? Apparently not. So, y'know, I had to be a smartass about it:

"We have menopause on a schedule? Well, that's convenient."

I really try not to read the comments on most of these posts, but if the meat of the entry is under a cut, theyre just....right there...and I can't really help myself...

Ah, fuck it. Look at this. )
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I don't normally get up in arms concerning feminist issues, but something bugged me earlier. I stopped in at Barnes & Noble this morning, since I had an hour or so to kill before my hair appointment. I was disappointed at their dismal graphic novel selection (mostly Marvel Masterworks stuff), so I went to the magazines to thumb through some tattoo mags. I couldn't find the damned things. An employee was passing by, so I stopped him and asked where I might find the tattoo mags. He pointed me over to a section in the magazine rack designated as "Men's Interests".
Some days, I really like being me. Except for when it comes to beating KHII. Then I suck. )


May. 28th, 2006 08:44 am
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Went and saw X-Men 3 yesterday, and it kicked ass. I developed a headache somewhere near the end of the movie, though. I came home and laid down for a while, and it seemed to help, but when I got up, it came back in a few minutes and then *BAM* full blown migraine.

I went and got some Excedrin Migraine, and tried to lay on the bed in here since I was tired of being in the bedroom. CJ was playing Civilization, so the sounds from that weren't too annoying. And then he stopped and started messing around on MySpace. I hate MySpace sometimes, because every time you go to someone's profile, they almost always have a song that starts blaring at you and it won't stop until you find the location of the stupid player and turn it off.* This might not have been so bad, if he wasn't going to the profiles of all these metal bands. Ow.

So I went back to the bedroom and laid there for the rest of the night. I hate migraines not only because of the pain and general feeling of wanting to detach my head, but because it makes me so irritable and mean. I wanted to yell at CJ to turn the fucking music off, but speaking above a whisper hurt, so I just pulled the blanket over my head and tried to sleep. Then he kept coming in to check on me and the light from the hallway hurt, and I kept telling him to shut the door.

Anyway...I'm being very lazy today, so I may just sit here and mess around making icons or something. Definitely something with Jean Grey. I was hesitant to make anything before I saw the movie because I didn't know if they were going to fuck it up. It wasn't letter for letter what the comic was, and that's expected. I won't say much more than that so that I don't spoil anyone and get cried at. :p

I found three good mood themes, and I might use one of them, since I'm having a hard time finding a good batch of Strangers In Paradise scans. I've got one Moulin Rouge, one Sandman, and one PotterPuffs. I was thinking I found a Kill Bill theme set, but I don't recall if I saved it. If I didn't, I must not have liked it.

OH, and speaking of LJ related things, I'm going to kick CJ's traitor ass. I go through the trouble of buying him a paid account, fixing up his journal all pretty and everything, and what does he do? He becomes a MySpace whore. I may just log into his journal and transfer all his paid time over to my account, seeing as how he's not going to use it. He'll never know. He doesn't read my journal anyway. Maybe if he did, he might learn something.

So, remember kids: [ profile] mad_mortigan: synonymous with dumbassery. Now I'm just going to sit back and wait to see if he notices any of this. God, I'm such a bitch. :p
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Dear Cunt,

You EVER open your mouth to say ANYTHING to me again, I will cave your fucking head in.

That is all.

Love & Sunshine,

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I hope you all are having a good time today, and for those of you without kids, go hug yer mama, dammit! Or whatever you're able to do. My mom's on the other side of the country, so I sent her a little penguin pendant. My mom has a thing for penguins. I think everyone in my family has a penchant for a certain animal, but some of them go completely overboard with it. My aunt Sue Ellen has an obsession with pandas. Her house scares me. There should not be that many panda related items in one house. *shudders*

The barbecue, once I got over being pissed that I didn't have time to clean, wasn't too bad. Of course, it took the men hours to actually get any cooking done. First CJ had to spend an hour cutting up the meat and make kebabs and things. I wasn't about to do any work, so when people called to ask what to bring, I told them if they wanted anything other than meat, bring it. I bought one of those party trays full of veggies and cheese, so there was my contribution.
More about the barbecue, and a baby named after a demon. )
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First, this is quite possibly one of the funniest things ever.

Secondly, CJ decided to have a cookout for Sunday, so I figured I'd clean the house really good today. This morning he said he changed his plans and we're having it today. He remembered to tell everyone except me. *rolls eyes*

Oh well, I got the house cleaned up in record time, and I get to play with Jazlyn's baby, Samael. Yes, you read that right. Samael. Cute lil' bugger, though. And like most babies, he can't stop staring at me for some reason. I'll never figure out why that happens. *shrug*
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Don't know what I was thinking, really, but a few weeks ago, I was bored and up at 3 am watching infomercials. This was before I had the internet back and could waste my money here. So I was watching this soul-sucking bit of tripe for a product called Turbo Jam, and being inundated with less than subtle messages that I am an obese tub of goo. I was weak. I called the damned number, and after being offered everything short of nirvana in pill form, I gave them my credit card number and ordered what I thought would be my salvation from the fat farm.
And this, children, is why advertising is the devil's profession. )
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I had a nice little talk with Cingular about 4:30 this afternoon, after I tried to call CJ, and got a message that my phone had been disconnected due to non-payment. Uh...bullshit. I just paid the damned thing on Friday. After sitting on hold for fifteen minutes, I finally get through, and they tell me "Oops, our bad." Well, I'm certainly glad I didn't have some sort of emergency when I got that message, that's all I can say. Stupid fuckin' cocksucking rhinocerous salad-tossing idiots.

I was nice to the CSR, though. I've done that job, so I have some sympathy for them. But I had called a couple of weeks ago to set up payment arrangements, because I knew we would be late on the payment. I was told it would be fine to make a payment on the 5th and another on the 19th to get caught up with. He didn't TELL ME that I had to call them after I made the first payment so they could put in the system that I had arrangements for the second. They guy I spoke to apologized, said it was their mistake, and thankfully didn't charge me for the reconnection.


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