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Because my phone remembers that night far better than I do. Lawlz. Anyway, my costume, in case you missed it, was fucking epic. It was so dark that neither mine nor Don's cameras could quite capture its nocturnal majesty. Seriously, I could go out and fight crime in that getup.

The Goddamn Batbitch

I may have to take some pictures of the coat on its own, because I spent a lot of time on it, and I'm proud of it. I put in a red satin liner after ripping out everything that wasn't necessary (and possibly some things that were. And I really didn't finish it out as well as I'd wanted, due to time constraints. But once I got the liner in, I cut the bottom hem into points, like a bat cape. My belt, which also was barely visible, had silver skulls, with draping silver chains. My shirt had a distressed red bat that I painted, which took FOR FUCKING EVER because I had to paint like six layers to get it just right. The mask was the most difficult, but the most rewarding. This was what it looked like when it arrived (I bought an original 1992 Batman mask off Amazon).


With a lot of abuse to my poor head and my fingers, I trimmed it down to a fraction of that size. I had to secure a bit of elastic between the "ears" to keep them from flopping all over my head, but still allow my hair to come out the top. It also originally was secured with velcro along the back, so I ended up just gluing that together, since I didn't need all that. I also opened up the eyeholes a LOT, since they were so small I could hardly see out of them originally. I think it could still use some minor tweaks, but it's definitely sturdy and will be good for many more uses in the future.

Anyway, onto the evening. Once we got to the club, Katy and I sat around for a while waitng for Abby and some other folks to show. We were probably early, but at least we didn't have to pay a cover. This was early on in the evening.


Actually, if you read Batwoman: Elegy, Kate Kane is supposed to be this pale. So I feel justified in my pastiness. :)


Katy made a most righteous Droog.


She wasn't passed out or anything, we were just bored waiting for Abby.


Though I have to admit, that costume? Was worth the wait. Holy fucking boobs, Batman! :p


Seriously, though, that costume was pretty badass. She was an evil ringmistress. I want to steal that coat.


Then there was this thing, which was kind of stalking around the dance floor. He really freaked me out, particularly since I've been trolling people with Marble Hornets for the past week or so. He/it talked to me at the bar when I went for our last round, and I was complaining to a random drag queen about how suffocating my mask could be. He just said he knew the feeling. I just couldn't figure out how he was drinking anything, since I never say him unzip anything. And the only zipper went from the back of his head down his back. It was just very strange. Bluh. *shudder*


And this is where the alcohol, surliness and general pissiness kicked in. Can't you tell?


And finally, this adorable thing named Alex wanted to try on my mask, so of course I let him. :)

And that was my evening, more or less. I didn't take as many pictures as I probably should have, but others got more (and better) pictures than I did. Next time. :)


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